“A new crisis will not”: the world’s media about the murder of the Ambassador of Russia in Turkey

The New York Times

The murder of the Ambassador, the incredible failure of the security services in the Turkish capital, has led Russia and Turkey to the need to confront the possibility of a new crisis in a joint relationship, this time directly tied to the conflict in Syria, which enters its sixth year.

The long-term consequences of the incident to relations between Russia and Turkey, noticeably warmer after a strong cooling year ago, it is difficult to assess. However, analysts believe that the murder of the Ambassador is unlikely to lead to a new gap, moreover, they Express confidence that it could further bring the countries together in the common struggle against terrorism.

President Vladimir Putin said on Russian television that Mr. Charles was “foully murdered” in order to sabotage relations with Turkey. The Russian leader had a telephone conversation with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the two leaders agreed to cooperate in a murder investigation, and in General on the joint fight against terrorism.

The Guardian

A high-profile murder of a Russian diplomat in Ankara, many made comparisons with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 prompted him to suggest that crime in the Turkish capital also could be the spark for a new major regional conflict.

However, the leaders of Russia and Turkey was able to agree among themselves on how to minimize damage in the relationship and to find common ground in the desire to place the blame for what happened on its strategic partners.

Ankara and the Kremlin has already announced that the meeting of Ministers of foreign Affairs and of defense of Russia, Turkey and Iran, on which to discuss further steps the three allies in Syria, as planned, will take place in Moscow.

The Washington Post

Shooting in Ankara has become one of the most arrogant and revealing attacks on Russia since its entry into the war in Syria. Moscow got involved in this war on the side of President Bashar al-Assad and the beginning of the bombing of Aleppo, which were condemned in the world in connection with the suffering of the civilian population.

But in Moscow, where he argued that the purpose of the air attacks was the terrorists, the shooting of a diplomat called a terrorist attack, President Vladimir Putin said that it was a provocation aimed at breaking ties between Russia and Turkey.


The murder of Charles is not only raised to a new level of terrorist threat in Turkey, but also likely will have for consequences in international relations, but also affect the entire political balance in the middle East, especially if the organizers of the murder will not be found soon, or the results of this search will not satisfy Russia.

Turkey failed to protect the life of a diplomat who was under her protection. Charles became the first foreign Ambassador to be killed in Turkey. It’s a shame for the country. The task of the authorities is to remove this burden from the shoulders of Turkey and the Turkish people.