China returned U.S. military captured drone

Navy people’s liberation army of China returned U.S. military unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) seized by authorities in the South China sea near the Philippines. This follows from the statements of the press Secretary of the Pentagon, Peter cook, which is published on the official website of the defense Ministry of the USA.

According to him, the drone was returned under the control of the United States “near the place where it was illegally occupied” by the Chinese military.

“The US Navy ship USS Mustin (DDG 89) took camera in international waters approximately 50 nautical miles North-West of Subic Bay [in olongapo, Subic Bay, Philippine naval base of the United States. — ], “said cook, emphasizing that the American authorities will continue to investigate the incident, because China’s actions “did not meet international laws and standards of professional conduct for the sailors”.

At the moment of capture, says the Pentagon, the drone was engaged in Oceanographic research.

About the capture of the drone was announced on 16 December from Reuters sources in the Pentagon. A spokesman said that the incident happened on December 15 to the Northwest of the US base in the Philippines when the American survey ship Bowditch was preparing to pick up the drone. The Agency stressed that the captured camera is the property of the United States, which is under sovereign immunity.

Through diplomatic channels, the U.S. government sent China’s protest, told Reuters, then us defence Ministry demanded to immediately return the drone.

Earlier, on December 18, in Beijing, spoke about the negotiations with the American authorities, which agreed to return the captured near the Philippines underwater drone. As indicated in the message of the Ministry of defense of the PRC, the Chinese ship detected “unspecified equipment” and checked it, “to prevent problems related to navigational safety.”