Clinton 2.5 times surpassed trump in the number of “betrayed” electors

From him to put on the voting results November 8, 306 electoral votes Donald trump has received two less – 304. His rival, Hillary Clinton failed to receive five votes of the electors who voted for other candidates, writes The New York Times. Instead of the 232 votes it has received 227.

After the vote on 8 November and unexpected for many victory of Republican Donald trump supporters of Democrats across the country launched a campaign of agitation in the electoral colleges, in which they urged them not to vote for trump. There were phone calls, petitions, addresses, e-mails. On the day of voting of the electoral College in many state capitals opponents trump staged pickets and demonstrations.

However, the number of “apostates” among Democrats in 2,5 times has exceeded the number of Republicans who followed the advice of the protesters.

Both Republican elector voted for trump, was from Texas. One voted for libertarian Ron Paul, the other for the Governor of Ohio John Keisuke, who lost to Trump in the primaries of the Republicans.

The three electors from Washington state, who were supposed to vote for Clinton, voted for the Republican Colin Powell, who was Secretary of state under President George W. Bush. The elector of the state of Hawaii decided that the President should be a Democrat, Bernie Sanders, who surpassed Clinton in the primaries. Another member of the electoral College from the state of Washington decided that the President should be a fighter for the rights of native Americans Loyal to the Spotted eagle.