In Bank “the Russian standard” there was a technical failure

Monday, December 19, customers of “Russian standard” began to experience difficulty making payments with credit cards and remote services. Cards are not accepted for payment in shops, holders could not withdraw cash from ATMs, top up deposits, transfer funds in the Bank were not working acquiring.

According to some of the Bank’s clients, have not worked well as Internet and mobile banking. Failure was recorded in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Kazan and several other cities.

Promptly contact the Bank in this case could not all customers of “Russian standard”. “I called the Bank, trying to figure out why you are unable to pay for the purchase in the store, but all lines were busy,” complained one of the clients of “Russian standard”. also failed to promptly contact the Bank call-centre, the answering machine reported that all operators are busy.

As reported the press service of “Russian standard” Monday “in a short period of time was observed disruption of Bank services that led to the unavailability of a number of remote operations.” Failure was associated with the technical work in the Bank. As said the Chairman of the Bank “Russian standard” Ilya Zebari, the reason for the failure — reinstallation of equipment. “At the moment, most services are quickly restored,” he said.

The Bank does not exclude the possibility that some customers may experience problems with the conduct of operations. In particular, according to zibareva, there may be interruptions in the Internet able to acquire (for online purchases) and Deposit. To fix the latter, according to the Bank, you will need an hour and a half. “We are working on full restoration of the situation,” — said Zebari.

The head of “Russian standard” also added that hacking attacks on the Bank were recorded.

As previously reported , November 10 a major technical failure occurred in the savings Bank. Clients are not able to carry out operations through the system “Sberbank Online” via phone, and via computer. The complaints were received from different regions. Initially, the Bank reported that the disruptions in online banking could be associated with technological activities, but then the official representatives of Sberbank said that the reason for the failure in multiple powerful DDoS attack, which lasted several hours.

The Central Bank this day also recorded the attack on a number of large banks, which involved a botnet, consisting of the so-called IOT devices. The regulator said that the power of the attack was average, with “violations of the accessibility of services in the banks were not recorded”.