Lavrov called Russia, Turkey and Iran are the most effective forces in Syria

Russia, Turkey and Iran are the most effective forces to resolve the crisis in Syria. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov after a meeting with Turkish and Iranian counterparts Mevlut Cavusoglu and Javad Zarif, reports TASS.

“The most effective is the format that you see today, this is not an attempt to tarnish the efforts of all our other partners, it’s just a statement of fact,” — Lavrov said, noting that the format of the Troika proves its usefulness in practice.

So, according to him, the joint actions of Moscow, Ankara and Tehran allowed to evacuate from the Eastern districts of Aleppo, the vast majority civilians, and Russia hopes that the process will be completed within one to two days.

Lavrov reminded that there are other formats, for example, the international Syria support group (ISSG), which “has met several times, adopted important documents”. However, after meeting this spring ISSG “failed to play its role in the agreed-upon measures”, stated Lavrov. “Our colleagues from the UN in may tried one last time to be proactive about the political process, then the activity has dried up,” — said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Lavrov stressed that Russia, Turkey and Iran in favor of no alternative to political and diplomatic settlement of the crisis in Syria and does not see military solution to the problem. “We have a common view, especially the fact that it is necessary to fully respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of Syria,” said Lavrov.

He also said that the results of the trilateral meeting it was agreed a joint statement on the political process in Syria aimed to “revive the political process to end the Syrian conflict.” The statement reads that Russia, Iran and Turkey are ready to become guarantors of the impending agreement between the Syrian government and the opposition, and confirm their commitment to jointly deal with banned terrorist organizations “Islamic State” and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” and to dissociate them from the factions of the armed opposition, said Lavrov.

Earlier, the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu during a meeting with a colleague from Iran by Hossein Dekhana spoke about the work of the experts on the document on the immediate steps to promote the settlement of the Syrian crisis, called the Moscow Declaration. As said Shoigu, is “a solid, much-needed document,” approval is at the level of Ministers of defence and Ministers for foreign Affairs “is our commitment to act as guarantors and to work together to solve current issues of the Syrian settlement”.