Media reported about the intention of Obama to block the development of the continental shelf in the Arctic

President Barack Obama is preparing to block further sale of rights to develop offshore areas of the United States in the Arctic and the Atlantic ocean. This writes Bloomberg citing two sources familiar with the decision of the head of state.

According to them, Obama will apply the provision of the act of 1953, which would give him broad powers to restrict further licensing of oil and gas in offshore areas of the United States. Until now, the law was rarely used, the Agency said.

On Obama’s decision might be formally announced on Tuesday, December 20. Thus he writes Bloomberg, responded to the calls of environmentalists, who were looking for a way to fix the “safeguard” measures before you take office the newly elected President Donald trump. As said the sources, Canada may also announce similar measures.

According to Bloomberg, the use of the provision in the act of 1953, “of course, will cause a lawsuit”. Trump might cancel Obama’s decision, however, it can take “years of litigation”. As noted by The Guardian, the block sales of exploitation rights is contrary to trump’s promise to “remove the roadblocks Obama and [Hillary] Clinton” associated with this topic.

White house spokesman declined to comment on Bloomberg this information.