Relatives told of the death of the commander of a battalion of Marines in Syria

As told “Kommersant” Love Sanchirov, sister of commander airborne assault battalion, a native of Kalmykia, Sanal Sanchirov, her brother died 8 Dec near Palmyra.

“In the death certificate, which we brought from parts, it is said that he died on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic in the city of Palmyra. It was a fight, they came under mortar attack. We were told that several of his colleagues received in battle wounds, they are now in hospitals,” she said.

According to the newspaper’s source close to the defense Ministry of Russia, major Sanchirov was among those who was urgently transferred on 8 December to protect Palmyra and assist Syrian government forces. Once in front, he and a few Russian soldiers were engaged in battle with the terrorists, but soon was covered with mortar fire. As recalled by the newspaper, the Palmyra was liberated from the “Islamic state” (LIH, an organization banned in Russia), but on December 11, the Islamists managed to re-take the city under their control.

Love Sanchirov said that her brother was 37 years old, his military career he began to build right after school, and just this summer graduated from the Moscow military Academy. In Syria, according to her, he went on a business trip in September, and relatives “I learned about it after the fact”.

First, the major’s body was brought from Syria to Moscow, then it was goodbye to the shelf in Kamyshin, and 13 December was held the funeral: told Sanchirov.

On the eve of “RIA Novosti” with reference to the administration of Yashkul district reported that Sanchirov was buried in his native village of Yashkul. At the same time, the Agency refused to comment on details of the death Sanchirov in Syria.

Officially the information on death Sanchirov in Syria were not confirmed.