The arrival of the Rostov miners on the picket in Moscow was prevented by the police

Police thwarted the arrival of the Rostov miners on a picket against the non-payment of salaries in Moscow, said the head of the initiative group of miners Valery Dyakonov. 20 Dec miners from the town of Gukovo (Rostov region) have been collected to share with the Humpback bridge opposite the White house. They are protesting against the non-payment to employees GK OOO “Kingcol”, now debt exceeded 340 million rubles.

“The evening of December 19 in anticipation of the bus people three hours stood in the cold surrounded by police, there was a riot, we were provoked,” he told the deacons. All this time, according to the activist, the transport company had postponed the departure and later stated that the buses broke down. According to the activist, the carrier was pressured by the police.

For transportation of 157 activists in Moscow had to pay 170 thousand rubles, but the money is still not returned, said the deacons. In conversation with the Director of transport company “the Capital” Murat Omarov put the blame on activists and confirmed that have not returned the money.

After the miners did not wait for the ordered transport, they tried to buy tickets on the bus, but those present at the spot, the police forbade the cashiers selling tickets, told the deacons. According to him, the miners rejected a three-bus ticket offices, citing poor weather conditions on the track.

The head of Department of information policy of the government of the Rostov region Sergey Tyurin has forwarded the question about the situation in GU MVD in the region. GU MVD in the Rostov region, Gukovo administration and local Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs are unable to respond promptly to the request.

Planned action on the humpback bridge was held in format of video conference, said the head of the Center for economic and political reforms Nikolai Mironov, who helped the miners rally in Moscow. According to him, in the capital gathered about 80 people, which the miners via Skype spoke about the police harassment. Earlier, the activists were threatened with fines and required to confirm in writing that they are not going to Moscow

16 December 2016 the question of the debts was discussed at the meeting of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. As the message on the website of the Rostov regional branch of “United Russia”, member of state Duma Committee on natural resources Maxim schablykin proposed a number of changes to the legislation that would address the same issues. December 19, Deputy Governor of the region Alexander Grebenschikov said that the miners will pay 50 million rubles to the end of the year. Now the companies included in group of companies “Kingcol” are in various stages of bankruptcy.