The Berlin police made the arrest “the wrong person” after the attack

The head of the police of the Presidium of Berlin Klaus of kandt stated that law enforcement agencies do not believe that they arrested the truck driver, crashed into a crowd of people at the Christmas market in Berlin, reports Reuters.

“As far as I know, it remains unclear whether it was the driver,” he said.

He also said the Prosecutor’s office of Germany. The Ministry added that it remains unknown whether the accomplices of the driver, crashed into a crowd on the truck. According to prosecutors, serious injuries in the attack were 30 people.

Previously, the newspaper Die Welt, citing sources reported that, according to the interior Ministry of Germany, who was arrested on suspicion of assault in Berlin, the native of Pakistan is not a real performer.

“We have the wrong man, and this is new. The real criminal is still armed and can hurt more”, — quotes the edition source.

The police also urged citizens to remain vigilant.

Earlier it was reported that the arrested Navid B. denied any involvement in the attack. According to police, a suspect has no ties with radical Islam. The security service of Germany also noted that the 23-year-old Navid B. may is a refugee from Pakistan.

19 Dec truck drove into the crowd at the Christmas fair on the square, Breitscheidplatz in the city centre. The car drove about 80 m. as a result of attack 12 people were killed, 48 were injured. Police detained the man, who was in the driver’s seat. Who was next to him the passenger was killed.