The leadership of “United Russia” will include activist “Antimaydana” and partner ROC

Regular rotation

At the beginning of next year will be the reporting-election Congress of “United Russia”, which will be re-elected entire leadership of the party: the President, the Secretary of the General Council and his deputies, the Supreme Council and the General Council. The date of the Congress, according to a source in the leadership of “United Russia” party leader Dmitry Medvedev are expected to announce at a visiting session of the Duma faction of United Russia on Tuesday, 20 Dec. Congress tentatively scheduled for end of January — beginning of February next year.

Currently in the “United Russia”, according to another source in the party, discusses the criteria for the selection of representatives of the governing bodies. A key factor for inclusion in the highest Executive body, the General Council, said the source , will be the performance of the regions in the Duma elections: “We will first offer (the composition of the General Council. — ) secretaries of the regional offices, where the result of the election was equal or higher than the result of the party throughout the country.”

According to the results of the Duma elections, United Russia received 54.2 per cent of votes. While comparable or higher than for the country as a whole, the results showed 29 regions ranging from Chechnya (96,3%), Dagestan (88,9%) and Tatarstan (85,3%) to Stavropol Krai (54,3%).

From regions where United Russia in the election received a score less than the national average, the party leadership will recommend to the General Council of the heads of the primary branches. “We are talking about the leaders of the primaries, where he was shown the highest in the entity the result” — explains a source in the leadership of the ruling party. This approach, according to him, will help to include in the General Council of representatives from all regions.

For a number of heads of regional offices, the result of which was less than the country as a whole, can be made exceptions, and they will remain part of the General Council, says another interlocutor in “an United Russia”. This may relate, in particular, secretaries of Moscow and Moscow region branch Nikolay Gonchar and Lydia Antonova, because they “represent one of the largest regions of the country.”

Update 50%

In General, the composition of the General Council “United Russia”, which under the Charter may enter up to 170 people, may be updated by more than 50%, predicts another source in the party. Members of this governing body will be in addition to the heads of regional and primary organizations of “party activists, famous people who campaigned for the party”, as well as deputies of the state Duma, responsible for party projects.

“For us, the main performance indicator is the result of the election. If it’s good, it means that the region is work and projects,” said the Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov. But if any subject to the outcome of the election is low, but there is a municipality with a good result, “then, works well local branch and it is also the criteria for recommendation to the General Council”.

The governing bodies of “United Russia” is expected to be replenished also at the expense of deputies in single-mandate candidates, defeated strong opponents from the opposition. Among such applicants, the source in the “United Russia” calls a former employee of Uralvagonzavod, activist “Antimaydana” Alexey Balyberdin, who lost the head of the Sverdlovsk Eser Alexander Burkov; the head of Fund of assistance to development of science, education, culture and social programs “Severnaya Stolitsa” of Mikhail Romanov (among the partners of the organization — structure of the Russian Orthodox Church), ahead of Saint-Petersburg the former Deputy of the state Duma Oksana Dmitrieva, member of the party Anatoly Litovchenko, winning the head of the Chelyabinsk Eser Valery Hartung.

The user in the same places

Changes in the senior leadership of “United Russia” is unlikely, according to sources . According to them, Medvedev and Neverov, most likely, will retain their posts. “The indicator in this case, election results, United Russia got a good result. One campaign does not require re-election of the state Duma, the credibility of the “United Russia” and the government is quite high — more than 50%,” says a source close to the Kremlin.

A source in the leadership of “United Russia” draws attention to the fact that after the campaign in the state Duma Medvedev began to pay more attention to the party in power than it was before the election. The number of his meetings with United Russia as on the line of the faction, and the party line, has increased dramatically, said the source , believing it is an indirect confirmation of the fact that Medvedev is prepared to be the Chairman of “United Russia”.

A source close to the Kremlin, says that intensification of Medvedev the party line is associated in particular with the change of the curator of the political block of the Kremlin. While it was Vyacheslav Volodin, “he took a very active part in the life of the party, and it’s all considered”, the current curator of the political bloc Sergey Kirienko — “still a stranger to the “United Russia” people” and therefore the administration of the President has on the party is not such a strong influence, as it was a few months ago.

Another source close to the Kremlin, stressed that the question of who will be the leader of “United Russia” and the Secretary of its General Council, is in the competence of Putin as the party Pro — presidential and head of state “is its founder”.

The same applies to the head of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” — this post is Boris Gryzlov. Prior to the previous reporting-election Congress in 2012 that is a tacit recommendation of the President, Gryzlov was reelected Chairman of the Supreme Council.

Then, at the Congress in may 2012, the leader of the party was elected Dmitry Medvedev, and the Secretary of the General Council Sergei Neverov, previously held his post with the prefix I. O. in addition, United Russia has made a number of amendments to the Charter: in particular, introduced a single five-year term for party organs at all levels of government and ordered to hold an election of Secretary of the General Council on an alternative basis.

At this time, major changes of the Charter is not expected, tells a source in “an United Russia”. All edits will be more technical in nature, he said.

The head of the Center for economic and political reforms Nikolai Mironov said that according to a survey, CEPR spent during the election campaign in the summer, 38.6% of citizens found it difficult to say who is the leader of “United Russia”. Specific name named to 60.8% of the respondents, while the number of cases citizens were named as Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin. “People at the head of the “United Russia” is not particularly the media, little known people, — says the expert. — So all the responsibility on Putin and Medvedev, and not otherwise.”

The first persons of “United Russia” has all chances to retain their posts, said political analyst Vitaly Ivanov: “has Developed a optimal configuration guide, proven effective during the elections. Since the next elections to the state Duma soon, and the urgent need to change something not visible”.