The media learned about negative evaluation by the Kremlin, Navalny’s election

The Kremlin does not currently consider the scenario in which the head of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny will participate in the presidential elections in 2018, told the TV channel “Rain” two sources close to the leadership of the presidential administration. Information TV channel confirmed the Federal official.

According to one source, some time ago the question of the admission of the opposition before the election for the sake of attracting attention to them stood on the agenda, however, now decided that it would be harmful. As told the interlocutor of the channel close to the Kremlin administration, was of the view that the participation of the Bulk can increase voter turnout, but according to calculations it will increase by a few percent, and “the whole affair will be reduced to the question of whether he will get 5 or 10%”. “Of course, it will create noise and splash a lot of negativity, but the benefits of this will not” — said the source.

Sources in the presidential administration also said that the statement Navalny to participate in the presidential elections regarded in the Kremlin as an attempt to forestall before after the judgment he is deprived of the right to be elected. Three sources of “Rain” close to the Kremlin, said that expect is that the head of the FBC will lose the right to be elected.

The Kremlin is looking for other ways to increase turnout, in particular the referendums in the regions, say channel sources in the presidential administration.

16 Dec Bloomberg, citing a source said that the statement Navalny to participate in elections became a topic of discussion in the Kremlin. The participation of the head of the FBC in the election could help legitimize their results, was noted by the interlocutor of the edition. Navalny himself has told Bloomberg that he has no illusions about the chances of the election, calling its main task register as a candidate.

Navalny announced his participation in the presidential elections of 2018 earlier in December, after the Supreme court, following the decision of the ECHR, sent the materials on the “case “Kirovec” for a new trial. Later in the interview, the head of the FCO also said that the main goal of the campaign to be in the newsletter. The Kremlin said that “does not” refer to the decision of the head of the FBC to stand for election.