Ukraine opened a case against for the work in the Crimea

Ukraine opened a case against the website for booking of rooms in hotels of Crimea. This is stated in the message of the Ukrainian Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

The report notes that pre-trial investigation was launched “after the fact, complicity of officials of the company Booking help in using illegally acquired property and to promote the violation of the order of entry/exit in the temporarily occupied territory”.

The Ukrainian Ministry said that the case was initiated at the request of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the “popular front” Grigory Logoiskogo.

As reported by Legwinski on the page in Facebook, now access can be blocked on the territory of Ukraine. Action online booking system MP described as “trade in stolen goods” and urged the Netherlands to attract to justice. In addition, according to the Deputy, the website is obliged to compensate Ukraine “all illegally obtained funds”.

“I hope the highly developed Holland, who believes Ukraine is not worthy to be a member of the EU, will not fail to notice the beam in your own eye and also bring to justice the violator of national and international legislation,” wrote Logvinsky.

System online hotel booking was founded in Amsterdam, but in 2005 it was acquired by the American company the Priceline Group.

Crimea became part of Russia following a referendum held on March 16, 2014. For joining the Peninsula to Russia was supported by more than 95% of participants of plebiscite. Ukraine and the European countries did not recognize the results of the last referendum and consider the annexation of Crimea a violation of international law.