Volodin has promised to find the money to service transport of the deputies in the regions

At the meeting of the Council of the state Duma on Tuesday, December 20, the deputies raised the issue of providing them with vehicles when operating in non-regional weeks (that is three out of four weeks per month). This was reported by two sources — the Council of the state Duma and the staff of the lower house. A source in the Council of the state Duma noted that the question on necessity of payment of all trips of deputies to the regions, the Communists raised before the Council of the Duma in early December, and their colleagues from other parties supported this proposal.

At the plenary meeting on 9 December on the issue with the transport drew the attention of Communist Deputy Nikolai Kharitonov. He said that the regional administration sometimes refuses to provide deputies transport, Recalling that the parliamentarians have to work in the Duma. “During a calendar year should not be problems with the automobile [which] is now only in regional weeks, and during travel, is provided. I have almost all the convocations worked, almost no problems,” — said Kharitonov.

“It infringes on the rights of deputies, the law on status of deputies no restrictions on the payment of transportation to work in regions” — supported his colleague in the faction of the Communist Nikolai Kolomeitsev.

Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has instructed the Committee on rules to discuss the problem. Speaker problem with transport acknowledged and promised to find the money. “About two or three years ago, the car [in the regions] were transferred from the round-year provision of deputies to provide only during the regional weeks. We will discuss, we will watch”, — said the Chairman of the lower house on Tuesday.

Volodin stressed that savings from the lower chamber it may be possible to consider the request of deputies. “We are now optimizing costs,” said Chairman of the Duma, adding that the state Duma has already managed to save on repairs. “They were three, and even four times less, because we have introduced a system under which we have audited. For example, if the planned renovation of the hall of the state Duma once stood the sum of RUB 66 mln, we dropped to 18 million rubles”, — said the speaker.

The Communists supported the United Russia party. Has a principled position that the transport needs in the regions, deputies and assistants all the time, not just in regional weeks, said Vice-speaker of the state Duma from fraction “United Russia” Peter Tolstoy. According to him, the service car is needed to operate the single-seat districts, so the “critical decision tools to find and in near future it will work”.

Payment scheme transport service operates as follows: when the travel of a Deputy in the regions to work with voters, the regional administration is obliged to give him the car. For the use of official cars, the MP invoices the lower house.

In March a scandal erupted around the official vehicles of the Deputy Alexander Sidyakin (“United Russia”). The head of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexey Navalny declared that it will contest the placing of the contract for rental car Mercedes official cars Sidyakin, which he uses when traveling to the region.