Barack Obama has banned oil and gas development in the Chukchi sea

As informs Agency Reuters, the head of the White house signed a law that prohibits the development of oil and gas fields in the waters of the Chukchi sea off the coast of Alaska, most of the territory of the Beaufort sea to the North of this state, and at the North-Eastern coast of the United States, off the coast of New England.

The basis for the signing of this document became the act of 1953, which gives the U.S. President broad powers to restrict further licensing of oil and gas in offshore areas of the United States. Still almost nobody used, however, Obama stressed the need for the signing of the decree, care about the environment. According to him, although the United States and Canada have the most modern means of production, remains a serious danger of pollution of marine waters.

According to Reuters, at the signing of the law insisted the organization for the protection of the environment. Indicates that the future US President to cancel need to go to court.

However, the American petroleum Institute, opposed the “eternal ban” on development, indicates that, if necessary, the future President of the United States (including Donald trump) will be able to use the veto in order to block the execution of the act of 1953.

Reuters indicates that the field development in the Arctic is very expensive and risky, and therefore only 0.1% of all the works of oil and gas companies in the U.S. had on this site.