IntechBank Kazan disconnected from system of electronic payments

The Bank of Russia has disabled native on the territory of Tatarstan Bank from the system of urgent electronic payments (BESP), reports “RIA Novosti”, citing a source in banking circles.

Yesterday, 19 December, the Bank announced the termination of customer service, explaining the decision by “technical reasons”, which will be corrected “soon”.

Serious problems have Interbanca began after December 12, Tatfondbank (one of the largest banks of Tatarstan, one of the top 50 banks of Russia, according to the Bank, by assets) limited the issuance of money to the depositors. The next day the Bank also restricted grant funds from the prematurely closed Deposit and receive money via ATMs. The restrictions were due to the panic of Tatfondbank.

December 16, calling for an end to panic to inhabitants of Tatarstan appealed to the regional authorities, warned about the information attack on the credit of the organization. The statement of the government of Tatarstan emphasized that the banks in the Republic of enough capital and liquid resources to fulfill their obligations to customers and making payments.

However, on 19 December Bank stopped cash management services, explaining that “the crisis in the banking sector” of Tatarstan.

“IntechBank for technical reasons, temporarily suspend settlement and cash services to territorial units of the Bank to stabilize the situation”, — stated in the message Bank.

On 15 December the Central Bank has cut Tatfondbank from BESP, however, the license of the Bank to withdraw. Instead, the regulator has suspended the powers of management and shareholders of Tatfondbank and transferred management of the credit institution interim administration. Suggestions about the future of Tatfondbank must be prepared by the interim administration for six months. Payments to depositors of the Bank in the amount not exceeding RUB 1.4 million promised to start until 29 December 2016.