Muscovites and deputies criticized the redevelopment plan of the capital

Thursday, December 22, in ten districts of Moscow will be held a public hearing on the draft Rules of land use and development (PHC), which the city authorities intend to adopt prior to July 1, 2017. PHC was developed by Moskomarkhitektura together with NIiPI master Plan of Moscow for the ten districts of the capital — all except the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas. They make adjustments to the General plan of Moscow adopted in 2010 and defines its development until 2025.

The PHC approved in Moscow for the first time and set the parameters for permissible development for specific parcels in rural areas, which are divided from the capital. For each approved town-planning regulations, which defines which objects can be constructed and to what extent. Establishes maximum (minimum) size of plots and the parameters of the permitted construction density, height and maximum plot ratio — the ratio of the area that can be built up total plot area, the so-called “spot up”. For each plot specify the types of permitted capital construction: homes, commercial properties, hotels, hospitals, catering and so on.

According to the territorial zones are divided into three types. For the first retained the existing buildings. For the second describes the development plans that have been adopted, but not implemented. For the third identifies possible options for the future construction.

The rules also are the zones with special conditions of use of territories of objects of cultural heritage, water protection areas, etc. Their boundaries and acceptable use are not determined by the PHC, and others, including Federal regulations and are reflected only in the rules.

The Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of construction Marat Khusnullin in December of this year, said that the PHC should stimulate the creation of jobs. To this end, the district offices, technology parks and high-tech industries the density of permitted development will be increased twice — up to 10 000-15 000 square meters to 1 ha. In the centre of Moscow new construction is almost non-scheduled. There are reconstructed buildings, offices be turned into housing. The city authorities are planning to actively build up the land near the Moscow Central ring (ICC), which now look like “depressed industrial area”, said Khusnullin.

On the basis of the decisions will be made on the planning of territories, the seizure of land for state needs, the issuance of building permits. The procedure of issuing permits will be simplified. If used in the preparation of the project construction had to be adopted urban development plan of land plot (gpzu) at a public hearing, now the government will give its developers almost automatically. The developer would have to send the application in electronic form — and within 30 days he will get all the permits.

When landscaping and capital repairs of buildings of the PHC will not be counted. A set of rules is indefinite, but can be adjusted, which again will have to hold public hearings.

Ten districts

From 6 to 19 December exposure of the PHC project were opened in each district. Muscovites can get acquainted with the rules of land use on the website of the “Active citizen”. Thursday, December 22, at 19.00 in each district will begin public hearings on the project. Comments and suggestions from residents, the officials promise to consider and to include in the set of rules to 29 January 2017.

Make the city authorities plan by July 1, 2017. Based on the rules you will adjust the General Plan of Moscow adopted in 2010. This will happen in stages. A public hearing has already been passed, the actualization of the master Plan to Zelenograd district of Nekrasovka.

About necessary amendments to the Plan in the mayor’s office said after accession to the capital in 2012, Trinity and Novomoskovsk districts. Will be taken in future PHC and to the territories of New Moscow.

Architect Sergei Tkachenko, 2004-2011 head of NIIP General plan of Moscow, believes that the adoption of the PHC there is little change in urban policy in the city. Rules can be adjusted, but the fate of a project will still solve urban planning and land Commission, which, if necessary, can change the rules of a particular land, he said. According to Tkachenko, the PHC was planned to be signed in 2010, after the approval of the master Plan, but this did not happen due to unexpected resignation of Yuri Luzhkov. “Rules of land use and development well established in many regions of Russia, including in St. Petersburg,” — said Tkachenko.

Professor of Moscow architectural Institute Alexey Krasheninnikov says that the PHC approved for more transparent decision-making on the development of specific sites and these are different from the master Plan, which defines urban development in General. The problem the expert sees in the organization of public hearings on the draft RPA. “It was necessary to appoint a responsible person who would explain to residents what the project,” says Krasheninnikov.

The developers are awaiting the approval of the rules of land use and development. “It’s important to expedite the approval of permits, because thanks to the PHC can be predicted, for example, the period for obtaining building permits that is now, unfortunately, difficult to do,” says Director of investor and public relations of LSR Group Yuri Ilyin. New rules to tighten regulation and to make any changes in the PHC will happen in a complex scheme – the majority of projects, it is expected, will be implemented according to the PHC without any changes, underlines the strategic development Director at FSK “Lider” Pavel Bryzgalov. Having the developer will be able to know that you can build in a particular place, said the President of GK “Grenelle” Ilshat Nigmatullin. “Besides, it will accelerate the receipt of initial permits and legalizes many controversial issues, he said. – Subject to the adoption of the PHC will not have to develop a project plan and site development plan of the land, and you can immediately apply for a building permit”.

The discontent of inhabitants

In the land use and development rules are approved, they will create conditions for “sustainable development” areas to preserve the environment and cultural heritage, to ensure the “rights and legitimate interests of” residents and property owners, to attract investment.

However, in some Metropolitan districts municipal Council and citizens have expressed dissatisfaction by the rules and the procedure of their adoption.

Duma Deputy Elena Shuvalov said that sent a request to the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika with a request to investigate a violation of law in conducting public hearings on the draft RPA. In the request body (a) States that from 6 to 19 December, residents were able to participate in electronic public hearing on the site “Active citizen”. However, this form of discussion is not provided town-planning code of Moscow, says the Deputy. In addition, public hearings are scheduled three days after closure of the exposition, although this deadline should be two weeks, said the request Shuvalova. She asks the Prosecutor General “to prevent the recognition of the results of the hearing, the procedure which was carried out with violations.”

The Deputy of municipal district “the Airport” Roman Dyachkov says that the residents were poorly informed about the public hearing. “In the district where, for example, there are approximately 1 million people under the hearing took room for 250 people. This is a deliberate policy to silence,” — said Diachkov.

At the exposition stands at the North-West district where the project is on building the Picturesque streets, the scandal which he wrote, appeared the same type of positive feedback, said the activist of the initiative group of Yaroslav Nikitenko. “Our activists witnessed the mass transportation of citizens who are asked to quickly build a house on the Picturesque, 21. And this were not residents of the County,” says Nikitenko.

Municipal Deputy of zyuzino Konstantin Jankauskas claims that the PHC “a very crude instrument,” which will allow the government of Moscow “building in manual mode” and “remove Muscovites from decision-making”. “We are determined to fight this project. Protests will be, but most likely after the New year. After a hearing until December 29, will collect in the area of written feedback,” said Jankauskas.

Against the PHC is made by the Council of municipal deputies, Schukinskaya district.

Expert of the Public ecological Council of Moscow Alina Engalycheva said that if the land use and development rules were adopted, “infill development Luzhkov Rasinski times seem childish prank”.

On the website there was a petition to the President of Russia and the Prosecutor General alleging that after the adoption of the PHC areas between apartment buildings will be given under construction “from the pavement to the blind area”. The city is divided into zones “arbitrary”, the authors of the treatment, and some types of permitted use of territories — for example, “for purposes of the settlement” — is not provided by the Federal regulations. There will be a “land grab General use”, primarily parks and gardens, the authors of the document.