The Duma softened the law on the control of the Cabinet after meeting Volodina and Medvedev

The lower house of Parliament will adopt at the meeting on Wednesday, December 21, the changes in its rules to gain control of the government Duma. At the same time, the deputies refused more stringent government control in the version amended by Irina Yarovaya (the faction “United Russia”). This was stated by the speaker of the Duma Vyacheslav Volodin at a meeting with journalists on Tuesday. The Duma softened the initiative following the meeting Volodina with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, confirmed the Chairman of the lower chamber.

The amendments on parliamentary control (the document is in) in the Duma regulations prepared on Tuesday Andrei Isayev (fraction “United Russia”), they were supported by all factions, said a source in the apparatus. In accordance with the draft amendments, the lower house would appoint a third reading of a number of bills only after “receipt of the information of the government about introduction of the relevant draft normative acts”.

A new version of the regulations, the government shall inform the deputies, only about the upcoming acts to the bills on social support of citizens as well as to other Federal budget spending. Information from the White house, said the deputies should be “detailed” — the specific terms of adoption of bylaws. For laws “with pending date of entry into force” time frame, members will be prescribed in separate regulations.

Similar changes will be “mirrored” and the regulations for the White house, said Volodin told reporters. According to him, about this they agreed during the meeting with Medvedev on Monday evening, December 19. “It was a joint position after the discussion. [We] have full mutual understanding,” — said Volodin answering the question . He recognized the “rule more flexible” than the version of Spring, “but need somewhere to start.”

New amendments to the rules — it’s a softer version of bill Spring, according to which the government is obliged to inform the Duma, on all bills, which need regulations from the Cabinet of Ministers. The idea of these amendments appeared on the results of monitoring the readiness for execution adopted by the lower house of laws. In the Duma found that as of 1 January 2017 was not ready a number of important laws relating to the activities of collectors, the removal of household waste, registration of rights on real estate, the universal electronic card, the state information system housing, said Spring.

The new regulations will work since January, said Volodin. The speaker did not exclude that in the future Duma may return to the idea of Spring: “If in approximately six months, this rule effectively will work and it will be implemented effectively, then we can return to the adoption of the Federal law. If we see that still does not work, you might [go back to the idea] next year.”

Earlier, the head of the Duma Committee on legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov said that his Committee supported the amendments of Spring, they were ready for adoption by the deputies on December 21. “But now I’ve decided their consideration to move, because they have to see how the rule in the regulations,” he commented . According to the MP, “most likely, [to gain control of the Duma over the government] will be difficult, because there just aren’t enough specialists who will cook.”

Political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko believes a “compromise” substitute bill Spring on a softer amendments to the regulations. “I would not agree that this is proof that Medvedev is “put in place” Volodin. Volodin is an experienced politician, and I do not exclude that the idea originally was like this — ask more to get what you want” — said the expert.

Volodin is struggling to raise the image of the Duma, but it is impossible not to take into account the interests of the government, said political analyst Igor Bunin. According to him, the easing of the rules on parliamentary control — the result of “compromise within the elite”.