American attitudes toward Russia deteriorated to the level of the cold war

The popularity of Russia among Americans has fallen to the level of the cold war, according to the study conducted by the Chicago Council on global Affairs. About it reports The Washington Post.

In held in December, the survey involved over a thousand citizens of the United States. Sociologists asked them to mark on a 100-degree scale, their attitude to Russia. “0” meant “cold and negative” feelings, and “100” is “very warm and positive.” “50 degrees” on this scale meant that the person does not feel neither warm nor cold feelings for the country. The average rate of the survey amounted to 32 degrees.

This estimate was the lowest since 1986, when the level of positive attitude toward Russia among Americans was 31 degrees. The Washington Post notes that, compared to the same June poll, the figure dropped by two degrees.

The publication also stresses that the supporters of the Democratic and Republican parties expressed different opinions in this poll. Republicans assessed their attitude to Russia as “35 degrees,” while the Democrats have put “28 degrees”.

Below Russia in this rating was only North Korea.

Sociologists have carried out research after messages to the CIA about the possible involvement of Russian hackers for attacks during the presidential elections in the United States.

The American media have repeatedly accused the Russian hackers involved in attacks on mail servers of the Democratic party during the presidential campaign. So, for example, on NBC News, citing a senior source in American intelligence reported that how the Democrats have stolen the data is leaked to the press, could lead Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Moscow denies all allegations of meddling in the US presidential election and its possible involvement in the cyber attacks on computer networks of the Democrats. Material NBC, the Kremlin called “ridiculous nonsense”.