Moscow will spend for the celebration of the New year at least 3 billion rubles.

Italian style

A large part of the budget that the Moscow authorities have allocated this year for New year celebrations and decoration of the city, went to ornament the streets, calculated on the basis of public procurement. The money went on the holiday lights, garlands, decorative pieces, light installations and panels. The development of the concept of festive decoration of Moscow cost of 17.5 million rubles. Design project was supposed to create based on the experience of the Paris, Madrid, Palermo and Tokyo. In November, the municipality said that the new 2017 capital will be decorated in the Italian style.

The result is an integrated energy company, which is owned by the Department of city property has signed 81 contracts worth over 2.8 billion rubles. service Providers were a total of eight companies. “Soyuzspezstroy” became the winner in 37 contests of 1.6 billion rubles, “urban design Workshop” has won two contracts for a total amount of 210 million rubles., — the seven auctions to 187 million rubles, “edlayn” received nine contracts 184 million RUB Also among the contractors, “zodiac Energy”, “Kaskad-Energo”, “All by myself” and “Promo-land”.

The lights in the Central streets of Moscow cost of 182 million rubles. the Price of one meter ranged from 112 to 187 RUB. For residential areas, purchased garlands 4.5–16.2 thousand RUB over kit for one tree. The most expensive lights on the panel-brackets, which are mounted at the base of the lamp or tree and are drawn up in form resembling glass; traditionally we decorate the Champs-Elysees in France. Moscow ordered 60 such structures for 89,1 mln., that is 1.4 million for the same tree. In the tender documentation States that brackets should be entwined with garlands Champs Elysees French company Вlachere or their equivalent.

Light installations on Tverskaya square was estimated at 17.9 million RUB. Adornment Newspaper and Kamergersky side street in the style of “Renaissance and Baroque” — 12 million rubles. One “dancer” is a light figure was worth 619 thousand RUB from one figure snowman — 1 million rubles.

Artificial trees

About 150 million rubles spent on the decoration of the streets of the district management improvement and sue “Mossvet”. The money went to install artificial fir trees, illuminated fountains, light panels, banners, banners and arches. The cost of one light fountain with a height of 5 m amounted to 1.2 million rubles.

Prices of artificial fir trees, installed for the New year vary. Spruce height is 13.5 metres in front of city hall on Tverskaya street was estimated at 7 mln. Trees embellished with garlands, glowing tip, Christmas balls and cones. Three ate for 15 million rubles were purchased for installation in the courtyard of city hall. Thus, the decoration of the building of the city government cost the capital budget of almost 30 million rubles. At the same time, two small six-foot spruce near the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin has managed in 300 thousand rubles. the Cost of Christmas balls for decoration, for example, the southern district was 85 RUB.

New year celebration at ENEA will cost 46 million rubles it includes the organization of the fair with a food court, theatre and quests and the rink.

Another 30 million rubles will be spent on holiday decorations and events in the parks. Judging by the already announced tenders, fireworks in the average price of 350 thousand rubles., on Poklonnaya Gora — 750 thousand rubles in Total, the city is expected 30 fireworks.

In addition, during the new year holidays in the capital are two of the festival: “Journey to Christmas” from December 16 to January 17, and “Christmas lights” from December 16 to February 19. They were placed on 81 site. Organization of festivals does GBU “the Moscow fair”. In December it signed a contract to 591 million rubles for the organization of events in 2016-2017. The contract includes the arrangement of the festival grounds, sound, communications, advertising, cleaning and trash removal.

In the complex urban economy was unable to immediately answer questions . The Department of trade and services in a written reply, said that the festival “Journey to Christmas” and “Christmas light” was organized under government contracts “in accordance with the requirements of” Federal law “On public procurement”.

Two years ago, Moscow has spent the new year holidays more than 650 million rubles.