Russian hackers accused of hacking app Ukrainian artillery

Analytical group CrowdStrike has published a report that hacker group Fancy Bear can be likened to cracking a mobile app “Dill”. It is used by the APU to simplify calculations when working with artillery. It was developed by a Ukrainian officer Yaroslav Sherstyuk.

The authors of the report found a tab for remote access X-Agent in the package for smartphones and tablets on Android called SOCA-D30.apk. A similar package was part of the application “Dill” and spread to the Ukrainian military forums since the end of 2014. As noted by CrowdStrike, installed the package allows you to access the GPS data and cellular communications, and thus indicate the exact position of artillery.

As was stated by the app developer Yaroslav Sherstyuk, the total number of downloads amounted to about nine thousand. According to the independent military-analytical Agency International Institute for Strategic Studies, during the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine, APU lost about 80% of D-30 howitzers. This is the largest share of losses of military equipment of the Ukrainian army.

Group Fancy Bear previously accused of hacking into the servers of the Democratic party during the presidential campaign in the United States. In addition, hackers may be involved in the hacks database world anti-doping Agency. December 8, the German intelligence service recorded a growth of “aggressive cyber-espionage” and blamed it on hackers Fancy Bear.