Shoigu said the build-up of NATO military potential at Russian borders

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that NATO continues to increase its military potential at Russia’s borders. According to him, over the past 10 years, the grouping of the Alliance of the Russian borders has increased three times. Such a statement he made at the final Collegium of the Ministry of defense, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“Intensified intelligence activities of NATO countries on the territory of Russia for 10 years, the total number of reconnaissance flights of their aircraft near Russian borders has increased almost three times, and in the South-West of Russia — in 8 times,” — said Shoigu. According to him, instead of combining efforts to fight against international terrorism, NATO has declared Russia the main threat and “continues to build its military infrastructure at our borders”.

He reminded that the NATO leadership decided next year in the Baltic States and Poland “to deploy four reinforced battalions and tactical groups, and on the territory of several countries of Eastern Europe to locate and contain the armored brigade of the American ground forces.”

The defense Minister also noted that “NATO has twice increased the intensity of the military exercises, most of which have anti-Russian orientation”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the same meeting, said the need to track the balance of forces and military-political situation in the world, especially near Russia’s borders.

“It should be clearly monitor any changes in the balance of power and military-political situation in the world, especially around the perimeter of the Russian borders. And make timely adjustments to the plans to neutralize potential threats to our country,” the President said.

In October it became known that Russia has deployed in the Kaliningrad region rocket complexes “Iskander”. In the Kremlin transfer complexes then explained the need to protect the region “against the background of expansion toward its borders by NATO”.