The Bank of Russia has convicted a trader at Deutsche Bank in market manipulation

The manipulation of a trader at Deutsche Bank shares of major Russian companies, said the head of the Central Bank to combat unfair practices in the financial market Valery Lyakh, reports .

The transactions were made with shares of major Russian companies, including Gazprom, Rosneft, LUKOIL, Magnit, VTB and Sberbank. Operations with securities. according to the representative of the Central Bank, made the head of the Department for trading in the shares of OOO “Deutsche Bank” Yuri healers, who resigned from the Bank in 2015. Members of the scheme were also his closest family — wife and her parents. The Central Bank estimated the illegal profit received by them in 2013-2015, a Total of RUB 255 million, according to estimates of the Central Bank, the healers and his family could earn in 2009-2015, about 0.5 billion rubles.

As told to the Telegraph, during the inspection it was found that the healers have made deals with their family members who opened accounts in the major brokerage companies. Relatives of Chilowa acquired shares using borrowed funds broker, who then for the best price on behalf of Deutsche Bank acquired the healers. Then, on behalf of the individuals exhibited the application for repurchase of the shares, which have also granted Deutsche Bank. In particular, the Bank provided a comfortable level of prices on the paper for several minutes when carried out transactions.

All transactions with the relatives of in the stock market Yuriy heels have made their own, told the Telegraph. However, according to him, they were aware that their open account transactions.

All transactions with Deutsche Bank from individuals were profitable. At the same time, market transactions, which are relatives of Chilowa sometimes made with other market participants, have led to losses, said the Telegraph. He also added that the regulator has issues with the brokers who have relatives of Chilowa opened accounts. It raises questions why the control service did not pay attention to the constantly profitable operation data of customers of Deutsche Bank and not reported it to the regulator, said Valery Lyakh. He promised that market participants will be made to promptly identify such cases.

The audit of the Central Bank will send the materials to law enforcement bodies on the fact of obtaining illicit profits and manipulation in the stock market.

A spokesman for Deutsche Bank said that the Bank conducted an internal investigation into the activities of a former employee. The results of the investigation were handed over to the market regulator. The representative of Deutsche Bank stressed that identifying and combating unfair practices remain a priority for the Bank objectives for which the Bank closely cooperates with state bodies.

This is not the first scheme of manipulation of securities, which became Bank employees. In August 2016, the Central Bank said, which revealed the fact of the manipulation of 37 securities on MICEX. The deal made, an authorized officer BALTINVESTBANK Andrei Kornilov, who by agreement with other individuals traded securities to the detriment of the Bank.

The audit of the Central Bank revealed that the employee BALTINVESTBANK and related group of individuals we used the following scheme: participant in the scheme, a private individual opened a position buying or selling unsecured securities, and then after a short time, put a request to close such positions at the best price. Then Kornilov on behalf of the credit organization began to enter into transactions with these same securities in the same direction, in which a natural person has withdrawal. The result has been a marked change in the prices of these securities increase financial result, individuals recruited for the position and such position was closed with profit.