The Board of trade if trump will lead the author of the book “Death from China”

The US President-elect Donald trump has decided to create with his administration of the national Board of trade, and to lead it he suggested that the scientist-economist, author “the Death of China,” Professor Peter Navarro, the Financial Times reports.

“I read one of the books Peter about the problems of America in trade a few years ago and was impressed by the clarity of his arguments and how carefully he has carried out researches”, — quotes the edition of the trump. The President-elect noted that Navarro managed to fix “the harm done to American workers globalism, and also outlined a way to restore the middle class”.

Navarro was part of the team trump during the election campaign, along with 79-year-old billionaire Wilbur Ross, which trump has put forward the candidate on a post of the Minister of trade, he wrote the economic program of the Republican candidate.