The media learned about the relationship of the murderer of the Ambassador of Russia with the dismissed officers

As the Agency Anadolu, the investigators examined the mobile phone of the official textbook of Altıntaş shot dead in Ankara, the Russian Ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov. They found that the offender used the software to exchange encrypted messages ByLock, which is actively used supporters of the opposition preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Among interlocutors Altıntaş — five police officers and the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of police who was dismissed after the failure of the coup attempt on July 15-16. In the preparation of the coup, the Turkish authorities have accused the Gulen organization, after which all the suspects to be sympathetic to the preacher of the military and police was removed from office.

As pointed out by Anadolu, the investigators are currently studying the relationship of Altıntaş these persons.

He Altıntaş has also previously worked in the police. He served in the special unit that was engaged in the crackdown.

On the eve of who Charles with the organization of the Gulen said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Hurriyet points. “Where he grew up, and all his connections indicate his involvement in the activities of gülen,” said the head of state. According to him, the international contacts of Altıntaş are now studying the Turkish special services.

Andrew Charles was killed during his speech in the modern art Center in Ankara. Altıntaş several times shot Charles in the back. From the received wounds the Ambassador died. The murderer refused to surrender to the police and was killed.

22 Dec Charles was buried at the Khimki cemetery with military honors. Posthumously he was awarded the order of hero of Russia for the “steadfastness and courage in the post of extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Turkey”.