The suspect in the attack in Berlin was under the control of the special services of Germany

Special services Germany a few months ago have taken account of a suspect in the terrorist attack in Berlin a Tunisian Anise Amri, reports Der Spiegel. Now he is wanted for facilitating his capture, authorities announced a reward of €100 thousand, but warned that he may be armed and dangerous. The press published pictures of him.

Amri was under surveillance of the intelligence services since at least February 2016. In the files of the secret services he was listed as “suspected of being involved in ISIS (the terrorist group “Islamic state”, its activity is forbidden in Russia). Against him was the recommendation to establish “intensive control”.

In addition, Amri in the documents of the intelligence passed as the “instigator” and refers to the type of migrants which are required to conduct regular inspections. It clarifies the issue, registered in the Federal Ministry of the interior is 549 people with similar characteristics.

As told by the interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Ralf jäger, the security services had received information about Amri contacts with radical Islamists. Der Spiegel, citing its own sources wrote that Amri was probably in contact with the radical preacher Ahmad Abdullah, known as Abu Walaa.

DW also writes that Amri was familiar with the recently arrested Abu Walaa. Amri came to Germany in 2015, the authorities denied him asylum and Amri was about to be deported. The publication quoted the Jaeger’s that Amri was already under investigation “on suspicion of preparing a serious anti-state crimes”.

The decision on deportation of Amri was adopted in June 2016, but to get it could not, because the refugee had no identity documents, and Tunisia for a long time refused to recognize him as its citizen. The Tunisian authorities provided the necessary documents for the deportation two days after the terrorist attack in Berlin.

Documents in the name of Amri has been found in the cab of the truck that drove into a crowd at a Christmas market in Berlin. The victims of the attack were 12 people. In the cockpit were also found traces of DNA of the criminal. According to the Minister of internal Affairs of Germany Thomas de maizière, Henri is wanted not only in Germany but in all countries of the Schengen zone. The Minister said that “we are talking about the suspect who will not necessarily be criminal.”

The Daily Mail reports that, according to the father of Amri, he left Tunisia seven years ago and went to Europe as an illegal immigrant. In Germany, said the father of Amri, the Tunisian hit in 2015. During his stay in Germany Amri was arrested three times, the newspaper said without citing a source.

On Monday evening, December 19, about 22 hours GMT steel beams loaded the truck with Polish plates crashed into the crowd at the Christmas market in Berlin, the car drove into the crowd of about 80 meters. Killing at least 12 people, 48 injured are in hospitals. Hours later, the police announced the arrest of men suspected of committing a crime, but later released him for lack of evidence. Another man, who was a Polish citizen, was found dead in the cab of the tractor.

Bild with reference to the investigation said that in the cab of the truck found signs of a struggle. “Apparently, the terrorist pulled out a knife, inflicted several blows, when the pole (located in the cab of the truck) holding the wheel of a car, fighting for his life”, — said the investigator.

Responsibility for the incident was assumed by “the Islamic state”.