Titov refused to support the Bulk and Yavlinsky in the presidential elections

Candidates from the Party of growth needs in the next election in 2021 to pass in the state Duma, said at the extraordinary Congress of the party on Thursday, December 22, the Chairman, the Commissioner of the President of Russia for entrepreneurs ‘ rights protection Boris Titov. Business Ombudsman also refused to support in the presidential election in 2018 and Bulk Yavlinsky, who had previously declared his ambition to run.

“I think the Bulk question [of his support Party growth in the presidential election] will not even be members of our party, because his ideas with our Manifesto does not correlate. [I] strongly against some decisions in his program, for example, a tax on the privatization, a number of measures that we believe are completely populist, socialist and not a liberal,” — said the presidential Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs to journalists during the break of the extraordinary Congress of the Party of growth in Moscow on Thursday, December 22.

The business Ombudsman is not satisfied and the candidate Yavlinsky in the presidential election.

“Yavlinsky we programs close enough, but he said that “Crimea is not ours” against foreign policy. This is a significant problem for us to maintain [his candidacy during] the election of the President”, — said business Ombudsman.

To the question, I will move forward whether the presidency itself Titov, he replied evasively that the final game with the format of participation in presidential election remains undecided. In may and June, according to him, the party will hold a Congress, which will be defined with candidates on all levels: municipal level, the legislative assemblies of the regions and at the level of the President. The business Ombudsman said that the party interested in the municipal elections in Moscow in 2017. In the coming years, hopes Titov, his party received Deputy mandates not less than 20 legislatures and elect not less than 500 municipal deputies.

At the Congress, Titov assured the audience that the Party of growth “was held as the party has gained invaluable experience to move forward.” However, he admitted that the process of participation in elections and political strategies of the party was “chaotic”. Titov noted that the business of Party growth is in politics to defend their “rights on the political scene.”

The Congress Party growth Thursday on changes to the management structure of the party and its Charter. Participants also summed up the results of the parliamentary elections this year. The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Petersburg from the faction “Party of growth” Oksana Dmitrieva complained of election fraud. In conversation with journalists Titov stressed that party members have claims for fraud in the elections only to regional, but not Federal authorities.

The Party of growth this spring, renamed the party “Right cause”, its President was Titov. The party included many representatives of the Union of entrepreneurs “Business Russia”, headed by Titov. For example, Vice-President of “Business Russia” Tatyana Marchenko became his Deputy in the party. The state Duma elections, the Party of growth gained 1.29 percent on the Federal list (for the pass the barrier of 5% and required to receive state funding 3%). None of the single-mandate party in the lower house also failed.