Trump has chosen advisers on deregulation of business, 80-year-old billionaire

The US President-elect Donald trump has chosen the American billionaire Charles Ikana as his special adviser on reform and “major overhaul” of the rules and regulations in force in the U.S. economy, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Headquarters trump described it as “one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors of America.” It IKANO will play a key role in the appointment of the head of the Commission on securities and exchanges, the sources told the publication.

Icahn has a history of collaborating with the transitional team of the elected President. He, like trump, believes that the Obama administration has hampered the growth of investment in the American economy, many areas which were heavily regulated.

“The purpose of trump is to show that large areas of business in this country will not be ruined by absurd regulation bureaucrats,” said Icahn WSJ.