Experts Ranepa invited CEC to abandon the single voting day

The financial collateral

Proposals for reform of the electoral system members of the expert-analytical center of the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration (Ranepa) sent to the member of the Central election Commission (CEC) Vasily Likhachev, the Director of expert-analytical center of the Russian Academy of national economy Nikolai Kalmykov. In developing the proposals, a copy of which have participated representatives of parliamentary parties and independent experts, said Kalmykov.

Experts Ranepa believe that a simplified registration candidates need to enter the financial collateral, which will be the alternative to collecting signatures. The bail was cancelled in 2009. Prior to that, candidates for elections at all levels could make it in order to be able to run. For Federal elections was set, a Deposit of 15% of the maximum possible level of the electoral Fund. Regions the amount of bail determined independently, but not less than 10%.

If the Deposit back, experts believe, party nominating its candidate for election, or the candidate can decide to register their signatures or collateral. Experts believe that the pledge should be “an alternative to collecting signatures, since the latter is sometimes used by unscrupulous officials as a way of unreasonable restrictions.”

Without a single day of voting

Experts recommend Ranhigs the Russian authorities to move away from a single day of voting, introduced in 2004. The organization of elections in a single day on a national scale, said the authors of the proposals, “sometimes limits the principles of competition, transparency and legitimacy”. This will allow regions and local authorities to choose the dates and the format of elections, the experts explained Ranepa. The offset of the single voting day will also allow you to “strong local candidates to Express themselves regardless of party campaigns,” said Kalmykov .

Experts also propose to introduce a barrier to participation in elections for those who have never stood for the local Council or was not a member of the public organization. “It will allow candidates to learn to work with people and to represent the interests of voters”, — stated in the recommendations.

In addition, experts suggest to give the chance to Russians to vote not only for registration, but the actual place of residence. If this change is approved, you will be able to vote those who are in day of voting in the other region, and this, experts say, “increase voter turnout”.

As noted by the Kalmyks, the CEC has not responded to their offers. But there does not exclude adjustments to electoral procedures. Changes in electoral legislation were discussed at a meeting between the CEC and the heads of regional election commissions on Wednesday, December 21, said a member of the Central election Commission Nikolai Levichev. “Changes will be made. But it’s not just a matter of time, now they are being developed”, — he said.

CEC will think

According to Levicheva, at a meeting with heads of regional election commissions, discussed the possibility of creating two foreign constituencies — for Russians living in the CIS, and for those Russian citizens who live in other foreign countries. At the management level, the CEC is spoken, and the abolition of the single day of voting in the regions, according to a source . “But while it is under discussion,” — said the source publication.

As previously reported by “Kommersant”, the abolition of the single day of voting and allow the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova. About it, said the publication the participant of the meeting, Pamfilova said at the meeting with heads of regional election commissions. Thursday, December 22, the CEC Chairman said that the discussion on transfer a single voting day — “this is an internal matter” of the CEC. “It is not what we discussed”, — Pamfilova said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

A source at the CEC told that while the question of the possible cancellation of the single voting day or postpone it to another date is being discussed exclusively at the level of the CEC in the complex of problems concerning how the electoral law and the functioning of election commissions. Later, all the proposals that were heard at the meeting of heads of regional election commissions on December 21-22, generalize, and they will be doing a special working group with participation of representatives of the CEC, the government and Parliament — as expected, it will be created after the new year.

Some of the amendments offered by the experts of the Ranepa, can be supported by the government “at least for image reasons,” said political analyst Alexander Kynev. Among the proposals that have long been recommended by experts and which should support a departure from the single day of voting, said Kanev. “You need to go back to the possibility of election Deposit because the signature is essentially the same Deposit, they have to spend money”, — says the expert.