FAS warned Alekperov from “inappropriate forecasts” the price of gasoline

About the direction of caution Alekperov, the FAS said on its official website. According to the authority, statements Alekperov in an interview on 13 December, in which he talks about the rise in gasoline prices could “lead to an imbalance of supply and demand” in the domestic market of oil products of Russia.

The Agency pointed to “the inadmissibility of actions that may lead to violation of the Antimonopoly legislation”.

December 13 in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” Alekperov said that the increase in excise duties on petrol and diesel will lead to higher retail fuel prices. “From January 1, will increase excise duties on diesel fuel and gasoline around 2 RUB 2 RUB, of course, We won’t one day leave this up to our customers. We are still a socially responsible industry, but a gradual increase in the range of 8 to 12% during the year, will be”, — said Alekperov.

On the same day, Deputy head of the FAS Anatoly Golomolzin said that the words Alekperov sound “as a call to follow him.” The Golomolzin pointed out that the Ministry will consider making Alekperov warnings.

The press service of LUKOIL declined to comment on the imposition of a warning the head of the company. 13 December LUKOIL said Alekperov that the words “do not reflect the company’s plans for the pricing policy, and are only assumptions about possible market impact of regular factors.”

In March 2016, the FAS has already carried a warning in the address of the first Vice-President of LUKOIL Vladimir Nekrasov, who warned that raising excise taxes on gasoline from April 1, 2016, may force the company to raise prices during the year for 2 rubles. per liter.