Kolomoisky PrivatBank related problems with the “tyranny” of the national Bank of Ukraine

Owned by Igor Kolomoisky PrivatBank became a victim of the “tyranny” of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). This is stated in the statement of the businessman, published the Television news service (TSN).

“PrivatBank was balanced secured loan portfolio, as confirmed by international audit. However, the NBU, constantly changing their own rules, invented new ways of artificially reducing the capitalization of the Bank”, — said Kolomoisky.

Then, according to him, the NBU began to tell “about the mythical hole 150 billion, 97% of related loans, that all the money stolen or withdrawn in the offshore.” All of these figures, according to Kolomoisky, was obtained by a random change in accounting policy. According to the businessman, instead of help the Bank, the NBU has used all possible techniques to “dodavit.”

In his statement, Kolomoisky also expressed his gratitude to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and personally Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. “If they hadn’t decided to take this step, it would put at risk the entire financial system of Ukraine”, — said the Ukrainian oligarch.

TSN notes that Kolomoisky first comments on the nationalization of PrivatBank.

About the decision to nationalize Privat, the Ukrainian government announced on the night of December 19. As emphasized in the message of the Cabinet, this was done on the “recommendation of the Council of national security and defense” in order to “stabilize the financial system”.

.It became known yesterday that PrivatBank sold to the state for one hryvnia.