Putin called insignificant chargeable under the claim “Rosneft” the sum of

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the outcome of the litigation between and “Rosneft”. According to him, he cannot judge about the objectivity of judicial decisions, however, considers the practice to sue top managers of state companies to the media logical.

“[CEO of “Rosneft” Igor] Sechin as well as others, which the courts apply, which they must do to protect his honor, dignity and business reputation? They have come to you with a cudgel and fight? They go to court, as in any civilized society,” said Putin during his traditional big press conference.

Recently rendered by the court on the claim Sechin to the decision of the head of state called “normal” and recovered in the end of the media holding amount “insignificant”.

“Went to court to and wrapped there 3 billion, and the court, therefore, decided to pay him 300 thousand [really 390 thousand. — ed.]. Well, for a negligible of 300 thousand. I don’t think it will seriously affect the financial and economic activities of the holding”, — said the President. “Nothing terrible happened”, he said.

On 12 December, the Arbitration court of Moscow partially satisfied the claim of “Rosneft” and to four journalists of the company, filed after the publication of the article “Sechin asked the government to protect Rosneft from BP”. The authors of the claim was required to recover from and its journalists, the company 3,179 billion rubles, explaining the size requirements of that contained in article discredits the information “Rosneft” and undermined its business reputation.

The lawyers of “Rosneft” referred to the value of the assets of the company, which, in their opinion, exceed 600 billion rubles. “We ask to recover only 0,49% of the value of reputation,” say the lawyers.

In its decision, the Moscow Arbitration court in the end ordered to pay “Rosneft” 390 thousand. and additionally collected from each of the four journalists (Lyudmila Podobedova, Timofey Dzyadko. Maxim tovkaylo and host of the TV channel Konstantin Bochkarev) on 4,5 thousand RUB over the same decision, the court decided to remove from the site became the subject of a claim article and publish a retraction.

Press Secretary of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev, answering the question whether the company can appeal the decision of the court, answered “Sure”.

General Director Nikolay Molibog said that the decision to contest the court decision will be made after the study.