Putin called the “tough” approach to sentencing convicted of treason for FREE

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the annual press conference
said that the approach to sentence Oksana, Sebastini, sentenced to seven years for high treason because of sent SMS messages is “tough enough”. The broadcast of the event leads the TV channel “Russia-24”.

“With regard to judicial decisions, it is difficult for me to comment on it because the judiciary is an independent branch of power in Russia, as well as in all other civilized countries. But in my opinion it really is fairly hard approach,” — said the head of state.

He also noted that he would try to understand the situation. “Honestly, I just don’t know the details. If she Sewaside] wrote something in her SMS messages, she wrote what I saw, it’s all seen, so it was really no big secrets. I honestly don’t really understand, I’ll try to understand,” the President added.

A resident of Sochi, Oksana Sewaside was detained in January 2015. In March 2016, the court sentenced her to seven years in prison for TEXT messages that she sent in 2008, Timur, Burkadze from Sukhum. It tells Sebastini, she met a man during a trip to Tbilisi and more never seen, only occasionally chatting TEXT messages.

Shortly before the armed conflict in South Ossetia, Buscarse asked Sebastini, if she saw military equipment in Sochi. The woman saw the train with the equipment, which went in the direction of Abkhazia, and told a friend about it. According to investigators, Buscarse was a scout, in fact, there is reference about his involvement in the Georgian intelligence service, issued by the bodies of state security of Abkhazia. However, as noted by counsel, Seatide Ivan Pavlov, when the two sides are practically at war, they naturally will blame each other, and to trust the document issued by the bodies of state security of the unrecognized state, the pretty reckless.

Sebastini, do not agree with the severity of the punishment. “If I am guilty, it is not enough to give seven years of a colony. So give murderers and drug dealers. Is also sent to serve their sentences far from home,” — said Sebastini in conversation with human rights defenders “Team 29”. The woman is in prison in the Ivanovo region.

According to the Team 29, for 2013 — 2016 in Krasnodar Krai for treason and espionage, was sentenced to at least 10 people. Among them, according to lawyers, a woman named Inge Tutisani, which led to a TEXT conversation with a citizen of Georgia, as well as her ex-cellmate a citizen of Georgia Catherine Kharebava.