Putin has changed his opinion about the involvement of Turkish authorities to the crash of the su-24

President Vladimir Putin said that after the murder of the Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Ankara changes its view that Turkey’s top leadership was behind the order to shoot down a Russian su-24.

He said this during the annual press conference live TV channel Russia-24, answering a question of the journalist of the Turkish version of the Agency Sputnik, who asked to see whether the Russian President relations between the improvement of Russian-Turkish relations and the subsequent events in Turkey as an attempt of a coup in Istanbul in the summer of 2016 and the recent murder of the Russian Ambassador in Ankara.

“I was skeptical about the thesis that the plane shot down without orders from senior Turkish leadership and people who wanted to harm the Russian-Turkish relations. But now, after the attack on the Ambassador, which was committed by the employee of special forces, I’m starting to change my mind,” — said Putin.

According to the President, he feels that “everything is possible” including “penetration of destructive elements into the state structure” in Turkey, its army and law enforcement agencies. Putin concluded that this penetration “is profound”, but explained that he does not consider himself the right “to translate arrows” and someone specific to blame.

According to the President, this fact will not affect Russian-Turkish relations, and both sides will strive to develop, keeping in mind mutual interests.

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov, was shot dead in Ankara on December 19, a former employee of the Turkish police by Mevlut Altıntaş during the opening of the photo exhibition “Russia through the eyes of a traveler: from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.” The Russian foreign Ministry qualified the murder as a terrorist attack.

Russian su-24 fighter was shot down Turkish air force November 24, 2015. During ejection of a Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov was shot by militants from the territory under the control of the Syrian Turkmen. This incident became the reason of sharp deterioration in Russian-Turkish relations between the two countries were visa regime is established, supplies of Turkish fruits and vegetables in Russia was established the embargo.