Putin promised to prepare a new tax system for four years

The new tax system, which will begin operating in Russia in 2018, should last at least four years. About this President Vladimir Putin said at his annual press conference, answering a reporter’s question .

Putin recalled that in 2018, ending a moratorium on changes in the tax system introduced in 2014. Then the government decided not to raise taxes on business, and despite the “various proposals” agencies that did not happen, he said. Moreover, the authorities introduced “a whole set of” preferential treatment for small and medium businesses, Putin said.

Now, towards the end of the moratorium, the government together with experts and the business community should prepare measures for the tax system, the President said. He expressed the hope that discussions will take part , “because specializiruetsya on the analysis of what is happening in the business environment.” The new system should ensure a stable business for at least four years, said the President.

Putin during a press conference and spoke about the introduction of a progressive scale of tax on income of physical persons (NDFL). This question can be put, but it is impractical, social injustice can be resolved through other means, in particular, additional changes in taxes on expensive cars and property, Putin said. “Whether to move on differentiated taxes on individual income? It is possible, maybe it will be once done. But now, I think, is impractical because as soon as we start to do it, after the first step will be second, third, fifth — we are so confused in this differentiation, and in the end all this will lead to tax evasion,” said he.

According to Putin, the current flat scale of personal income tax are growing extra fees, through which increases the burden on the population, and Cabinet of Ministers will create their registry for regulation in this sphere.

New ideas on taxes should be considered as early as 2017, a year later, should make the necessary amendments to the laws, and in 2019 they should take action, said Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly. About possible changes in the tax system were previously told by the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. According to him, they can be associated, firstly, with a reduction in insurance premiums. This measure assumes a simultaneous increase in indirect taxation on consumption. In particular, it can be entered on the “luxury consumption” or harmful products, said Siluanov. The authorities can also examine the regression in the insurance premiums and the amount of tax benefits, as now they became too much, the Minister explained.

With the participation of Oleg Makarov, Svetlana Bocharova