Putin responded to a question on the alleged organizer of the murder Nemtsov

Nemtsov Murder

“Of course, I follow closely all the so-called loud resonant Affairs, especially for such a serious crime as murder, in this case, the murder of Nemtsov,” — said the President during the great annual press conference broadcast which leads the TV channel “Russia-24”.

“Of course, I support everything that makes a consequence in the direction of identify all the circumstances, the identification of all involved and the perpetrators,” the President said, responding to a question about whether he, as commander in chief needed to for questioning he appeared in court Ruslan Eremeev, whose attorneys and family policy is considered the mastermind of the assassination.

A former officer of the battalion “North” Eremeev had to appear in court on December 13, but this did not happen, the investigators did not identify his whereabouts. Eremeev passes on business as the witness never was questioned.

Nemtsov was shot dead on February 27, 2015, on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge.

As told the lawyer of relatives of Nemtsov Vadim Prokhorov, it Eremeev was the real organizer of the attempt. According to him, Eremeev is a close relative of state Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov, the Senator from Chechnya Suleiman Eremeeva and the chief of the police station in the Shelkovskoy district of Chechnya wahi Eremeeva.

The consequence calls the organizer of the crime Ruslan Muhudinov, which, according to the investigative Committee, promised performers 15 mln. As said Prokhorov, muhudinov was the driver Eremeeva. Representatives of the relatives Muhudinov Nemtsov called “the highest level”, but not the organizer of the crime.

The source familiar with the investigation, said that in July last year, the investigators have prepared a project about the correspondence charges Eremeeva and Muhudinov. However, the document is not approved, the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin, considering that this is not enough evidence. As he did in September. These data confirmed a source close to law enforcement.

“St. Petersburg business”

“For most, if not all high-profile cases, as long as they were conducted, the investigation usually comes to a complete clarification of all circumstances. Including [the murder of the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg Galina] Starovoitova. Unfortunately, it is still unclear the circumstances of the assassination of Mikhail Manevich, with whom I had a personal relationship,” — said Putin.

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Manevich was assassinated in August 1997. He was among the economic reformers, the informal leader of which was Anatoly Chubais. In 1994, the government of St. Petersburg adopted the concept of property management, according to which the state may not be an effective owner, and must establish uniform rules for all games. The author of this reform was Manevich.

In November 2009 the murder of economist confessed confessed Alex Gardocki — a member of one of the Petersburg criminal gangs, sentenced to life imprisonment in other cases. Also in the case were Yuri Shutov, the head of OPG, which included Gardocki. Shutov was a Deputy mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak and former Deputy of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. He received a life sentence on charges of murders, attempted murders, kidnappings and other crimes in the composition of the gang and died in the colony in 2014.