Refused to vote for Clinton electors ordered to pay $1,000

Four members of the colleagues of the electoral College from Washington was ordered to pay a fine of $1000 for what they voted for someone other than the candidate of the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, the Associated Press reports, citing the US state Department.

State Department spokesman in the state told the Agency that the electors have 60 days to pay the fine. Otherwise, the Department is ready to go to court.

As explained by the AP, Clinton received the votes of all electors in the state — 12 — after the elections of 8 November. Under state law, the electors, who are elected by party sign a pledge that they will vote for the nominated party candidate for President and Vice-presidents. However, on 19 December, only eight members of the electoral College cast their votes for Clinton.

The results of the vote of the electoral College the Republican nominee Donald trump scored 304 votes, Clinton – 227.

As wrote The New York Times, Clinton spared trump’s 2.5 times the number of “betrayed” its electoral College. The Republican received two votes less – 304, and Clinton has missed five votes.