The media learned about the return of the former head of the FCS of money and valuables on 100 million rubles.

Headquarters of the Investigative Committee of Russia later, some time after searches of the former head of the Federal customs service (FCS) Andrei Belyaninov gave him back his seized cash and assets worth about 100 million rubles On it informs “Kommersant” with reference to informed sources.

The searches in the house Belyaninov took place in July of this year. Investigative actions were held about the smuggling of alcohol, in which the former head of the FCS is a witness. During the searches at Belyaninov was discovered RUB 9.5 million, $390 million and €350 thousand at the head of the TCF, called the money “personal savings”.

The photographs published by the media, visible 11 paintings that decorate the house. The photographs are also visible lying on the table stack of bills of different denominations and in different currencies as well as money in boxes from-under footwear. “Kommersant” with reference to sources wrote that “photoslive” organized by the FSB, which accompanied the investigation.

In addition, the interlocutor of the newspaper claims that Belyaninovo offered to take a few “important posts”. Soon he could take one of them, says the publication, however, on what the post is about, no calls.

Earlier in the day during a press conference the President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the situation around the Belyaninov.

“Against him there was nothing. What dosledstvennaja all sorts of actions, including searches and something similar was thrown out in the media, is unacceptable,” — said the head of state.

After searches Belyaninov resigned. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on this information, stressed that Belyaninovo nothing prevents to pursue a career in government agencies.