Vladimir Putin has promised to re-examine the case of journalist

Vladimir Putin promised to look into the case of arrested journalist Alexander Sokolov. He stated this at the annual press conference, answering a reporter’s question Natalia Galimova.

The head of state noted that if a year ago this topic has been raised, the President’s administration dealt with the problem. “Nothing has changed, so not everything is so easy there”, — said Putin

In 2015, Putin, answering the question already stated that will deal in the case of Alexander Sokolov. “About Sokolova: if he sits for some of the revelations about the East, if that’s the case, I will definitely help your publication”, — said Putin.

Sokolov was arrested by the Khamovnichesky court of Moscow on 29 June 2015 in the case of the organization of an extremist organization (article 282.2 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE). Now the case is considered on its merits.

According to investigators, Sokolov, and two other defendants — former editor of the newspaper “Duel” Yury Mukhin and colleague Valery Parfenov last — under the guise of “initiative group for a referendum the responsibility of the authorities” were activities of a banned organization “army of the will of the people” (AVN), which in autumn 2010 was recognized by the court as extremist.

The investigation considers that, by renaming the organization, the defendants wanted to “undermine the political situation in the direction of instability and change existing power illegally”.

Sokolov does not recognize his guilt and believes that the case against him was fabricated in connection with his professional activities. He also notes that “the Initiative group” at the beginning of the investigation were not included in the list of banned organizations.