“You have to understand, in what country we live”: the main Putin’s answers to journalists


  • Russia’s economy has adapted to the current world situation.
  • The problems in the economy there, chief among them — lack of growth in production and the fall in real incomes, which affects demand.

“We got down real disposable income, which is not very good. But there was a positive trend emerges: in recent months we have seen a very modest but still growth in real wages in the real sector of economy”

  • The view that Russian economy is immune to science and high-tech trends in the economy, is not entirely true. Simply the situation is that in Russia, traditionally more profitable to invest in energy and to get there profit. Business should be encouraged to invest in other sectors of the economy.
  • Progress in the development of the real sector until a point, but they have a nuclear industry, defense enterprises and aviation.

Putin about the Russian economy:

  • The decline in GDP will be reduced from 3.7% to around 0.5-0.6% of
  • Inflation for the year will be a record low of about 5.5%.
  • The budget deficit in 2015 amounted to 2.6% by the end of 2016 it will reach 3.7%.
  • The trade balance is positive — more than $70 billion.
  • Foreign exchange reserves grew from $368 to $385 billion.
  • The outflow of currency for the year will be reduced from $57 billion to $16-17 billion.
  • The unemployment rate is about 5.5%.


  • In Crimea, the conditions for the normal development of the economy, but simple pouring of money is not enough money you need to properly dispose of it. “The investment is, effectively only need to use it”.
  • The level of income in Crimea is far below the national average: in Russia it is 35 thousand rubles., in the Crimea – 24,5 thousand in Sevastopol — 25 thousand They are sure will even out.
  • Trade in Crimea and Sevastopol is growing, including through public procurement. Unemployment in the region is below the national average.
  • The construction of the Kerch bridge will increase the number of tourists. The name of the bridge doesn’t matter. “I figured out how to build it, and you invent how to name it.”

Resonant criminal cases

  • The most high-profile cases, the investigation usually comes to a complete clarification of all circumstances, such as in the case of murder of Galina Starovoitova. Unfortunately still not disclosed the circumstances of the murder in 1997, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Manevich.
  • In relation to the former head of the Federal customs service Andrei Belyaninov was not a criminal case. Information campaign against him, and like stuffing in the media in principle is unacceptable, because can cause irreparable damage to the reputation of the person.
  • Putin has not spoken to the ex-Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukaev. The findings on the charges against him have to do the court, but those materials that were provided was enough to send him into retirement in connection with loss of trust.

The change of government in the United States

  • American Democrats are trying to blame all their failures on external factors, including Russia’s actions.
  • The democratic party has forgotten the original meaning of its name, especially when you consider the use of administrative resources. The calls to electors in the United States not to vote for any of the candidates step to the division of the nation. “Give a call not to obey the decision of the voters and calls for the electoral College is bad, I have said”.
  • For trump did not vote two electors, and Clinton — four, here the Democrats lost again.
  • Trump is very thin feel mood of American society and worked in this paradigm, and therefore won the election.
  • The meeting with trump can go after he will bring his team and takes office. The main topic for discussion with him — the normalization of relations between the two countries.

“Well, in the USA there are people who sympathize with us in our ideas about traditional values. Our relations should be build on the basis of mutual sympathy our peoples”


  • Russia will cooperate with the world anti-doping Agency (WADA).
  • The investigative Committee and prosecutors need to investigate everything connected with doping in Russia — the case will be brought to its logical end.
  • You need to think about the health of the athletes have to clean sport and culture
  • The informant WADA, former head of the Russian anti-doping Agency Grigory Rodchenkov could work for “tip-off from abroad”.

“I can’t remember the name of the citizen (Rodchenkova — .). To work in Moscow, he lived in Canada, traveled to Russia and dragged here dirtiest. I can hardly imagine how this man could with impunity, and imperceptibly to carry illegal substances across the canadian and American border. He is always here this stuff dragged, turned it into your personal business, make people it (the doping .) to take and apply. Then, when he pinned the tail, he fled. At some stage he will be assisted abroad, and then, as any villain will just throw it.”


  • The channel format is not very efficient, but there is no other format. “This format should work, otherwise the situation in the Donbas will be degraded”.
  • The main thing — that inhabitants of Donbass stopped counting the occupants of the Ukrainians.
  • We do everything we can to keep both sides of the face were released. The more people will be released, the better.

“At the time, President Poroshenko expressed the idea of the exchange of all for all. And I personally fully agree with that. But later it turned out that the formula “all for all” are some of the details that are not satisfied with the representatives of Donbass. What are these details. That all persons held in the Donbas, the Ukrainian authorities recognized held illegally. But there are a significant number of persons who are in prisons of Ukraine, which the Ukrainian authorities believe legally convicted and do not wish to list on the exchange”

  • Detainees in Russia, employees of the Ukrainian military intelligence no one tortures and beats. “These people are telling all — the number of units, commanders, addresses and attendance, job”.
  • As for the detainees in Russia journalists and producers from Ukraine, then you need to understand that these Directors and journalists have primarily to make films and to practice journalism. If the Director wanted to commit a terrorist act, it cannot be exempt just because he’s a Director.
  • The introduction of the EU visa-free regime for Ukrainians is the right step in the right direction. The visa regime is an anachronism, but if the citizens of Ukraine does not give the possibility to get a job in Europe, then this will affect their social security.


  • Question about the change of the system of early retirement early retirement requires careful analysis. I will not jump ahead, but any innovation must be discussed for a thorough analysis
  • In the beginning of the year, all pensioners, including the military, will receive 5 thousand roubles for 1 February 2017 will be indexed to inflation in 2016 from 1 April 2017, the index of the social pension.


  • The transition to a differentiated tax on income is inappropriate. Social justice can be achieved in other ways, for example, by introducing a tax on expensive property and cars that are already in place.

“What was the outcome after the introduction of a flat 13-percent scale on incomes of physical persons? Charges of the tax to incomes of physical persons increased attention, 7 times. And these funds that come into the Treasury, then they are allocated to address social problems. That is social justice”


  • Forecasts on oil prices is difficult to do, but the price of $40 per barrel would be optimal for the Russian economy.
  • The government expects that the reduction of oil production, on which agreed to Russia after the decision of OPEC will give effect to the budget 1.7 trillion. RUB, if the increase in the price of a barrel of oil will be $10.

“Now, as far as I know, Brent $45 (per barrel) and $55. But I said that we count the budget from the conservative predictions of $40 per barrel. The results that we got, we got them based on the fact that the real situation is compared to our forecasts was harder, worse for us. Because we believed the 2016 budget based on $50 per barrel, and it was $40”


  • Patriotic movement in Russia will be supported, but “pervert nothing is impossible”. On the other hand there are people who radically defend the liberal values and arrange provocative, they say, do it consciously. “Must we all measure.”

Officials and executives of state-owned companies

  • Business representatives, including in state-owned enterprises should be more modest, especially in the construction of “primary appearance”.

“This applies to awards, it for income. And even if it is within the law, you may need to understand in what country we live in and not to annoy people”


  • What the press is “tingling” and officials, and representatives of big business, including state-owned — is, in principle, good.
  • Cultural workers often complained to the President to “journalistic terrorism.”

“Often come to me, say, culture, and people of different views, and talk about journalistic “terror” and their attitudes: chasing, grabbing, terrorizing children. I want to appeal to you and to your colleagues. I ask you (journalists .) also behave like a tidy and not interfere in personal, private lives of public people: artists, athletes, and anyone else”

The President’s administration certainly worked on the case of the arrested journalist Alexander Sokolov after this issue was raised at last year’s press conference. “If the case went to trial, it means that there is not so simple, but I’ll see again.”

The fate of the claims of “Rosneft” journalists decided in the courts, and it was good: “You (journalists .) don’t want them to you with a stick here.”

“As far as I know, this process, there is Sechin demanded several billion or something from , and then the court agreed that he was right, but the amount, in my opinion, some 360 thousand (rubles) — is negligible in fact, nothing terrible happened.”

Relations with Europe

  • Russia was not the initiator of the deterioration of relations with Europe, the sanctions imposed by the West.
  • Russia would love to go on the abolition of the counter-sanctions, but only after the lifting of sanctions by European countries.