Invaders Libyan airliner used dummies instead of weapons

Preliminary forensic examination showed that the invaders Libyan aircraft weapons was actually not real, in the hands of the hijackers were dummies.

About this in his Twitter said the Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat.

“Initial forensic examination showed that the weapon used in the capture Afriqiyah is a fake”, — he wrote.

Earlier it was reported that the invaders seized a grenade and a gun, and another gun was found during a search of the aircraft.

Reports of the seizure of the liner of the Libyan airline Afriqiyah Airways, which was flying from Sabha to Tripoli, came in the middle of the day Friday, December 23. On Board were 111 passengers and seven crew members.

As a result of the negotiations was the release of all passengers and most crew members. They left the aircraft in three batches. Later surrendered to the authorities and the hijackers.

According to the newspaper Times of Malta, the hijackers claimed they belong to the radical Islamist group “al-Fath al-Jadid”, which supported the actions of the former Prime Minister of Libya Muammar Gaddafi.

As a result of the hijacking, no one was hurt.