Israel has expressed reluctance to implement resolution of the UN security Council

Israel refused to comply with adopted Friday night the resolution of the UN security Council, prohibiting the building of new Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories. “Israel rejects anti-Israel resolution,” reads the official statement of the government of the country, which quotes the edition of the Jerusalem Post.

“The Obama administration not only defended Israel but also agreed with the UN behind him,” reads the statement, which called the resolution “shameful.”

“Israel intends to work further with the administration of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump and all of our friends in Congress to avoid the negative consequences of this absurd resolution”, – stated in the document issued by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Previously, trump has reacted to the resolution in the UN security Council a message that after his inauguration on January 20, “it’s all there will be different”.

The United States refused to veto the resolution, with the result that it was adopted. Voted “for” 14 members of the security Council.

According to the Agency TASS, citing Russia’s Ambassador in the UN security Council Vitaly Churkin, Moscow voted for the resolution, explaining that it “expresses the position of the international community on the illegality of Israeli settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories”. The head of the Russian delegation called for direct talks between Netanyahu and President of Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow.