Media reported about the search for the Central Bank opportunities to save Tatfondbank

Two sources close to the Central Bank, told “Vedomosti” that the opportunity to save Tatfondbank is still under consideration. According to them, confirmed by a source close to one of the banks, the regulator has been negotiating with major banks about the possibility of rehabilitation of Tatfondbank. However, an agreement with anybody so far failed, said the latter.

We are talking about banks VTB and “Discovery”, said a source close to Tatfondbank, and an employee of one of the sanator. VTB24 studied the assets of Tatfondbank and other local players, and a reorganization of the Bank, said one of the top managers of the group. The Bank “Opening” from potential participation in the reorganization abandoned, says one of the interlocutors of the newspaper.

According to him, two weeks ago, the Central Bank invited banks to a meeting with President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. The majority of the invited, however, communication after the meeting to continue did not. As reported by another source, the Central Bank did not disclose to potential investors how much can be allocated funds for the rehabilitation of the Bank.

VTB group considered the option of redemption of the good assets of Tatfondbank, said one of the employees. The representative of VTB said that the Bank is not going to participate in the reorganization of Tatfondbank, and the questions about whether the group is considering the purchase of assets, did not answer.

A person close to the Supervisory unit of the Central Bank, said that the government of Tatarstan talks about the situation in Tatfondbank and asked the Central Bank to sanitize the Bank. Considered options such as reorganization of the DIA, which would get 75% (25% would be left for local government), and the reorganization forces an investor or an Association of Tatfondbank with “AK Bars”, which are controlled by the Tatarstan Republic.

The Central Bank is not ready to sanitize the Bank without the participation of local government, said a source close to the Central Bank. However, free agents in the Republic, he said. While the chance to reorganize the Bank persists, the Republic is trying to find ways to help him emphasize two companion papers.