Netanyahu announced the revision of Israel’s relations with the UN

Israel will reassess its relations with the UN after the Security Council adopted a resolution that prohibits the state to build settlements in the Palestinian territories. This was stated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reports Reuters.

He said that he had instructed the Ministry of foreign Affairs within one month to revise cooperation with the UN, including the funding of organizations operating under UN auspices, and the presence of their representatives in Israel.

“I have instructed to suspend funding five organizations with UN in the amount of about 30 million shekels ($7.8 million), which are most hostile to Israel,” said Netanyahu.

However, the Prime Minister did not mention specific steps which Israel will take, and say, the financing of some organizations at the UN he was suspended.

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution which forbids Israel to build new settlements in the Palestinian territories on December 23. The document was proposed by the delegation of Egypt on Thursday in Cairo called him. It was assumed that the draft resolution would be rejected by the security Council because the US will veto it. However, the representative of the United States refused.

Immediately after the adoption of the resolution, the government of Israel announced that it refuses to comply with the requirements of the UN. The document itself was attended 14 countries, including Russia. Moscow explained this by the fact that the resolution “is based on proven formulations, reflecting a common and repeatedly reaffirmed the international community’s position on the illegality of Israeli settlement activities”. At the same time, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN security Council Vitaly Churkin called for the holding of talks with Netanyahu and President of Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow.