Obama has charged to create the centre for combating foreign propaganda

A bill to allocate funds to the Department of defense in the 2017 financial year, signed by President Barack Obama, provides for the establishment of the centre to combat foreign propaganda and misinformation. The document was published on the website of the U.S. Congress.

According to the decree, the center will be included in the structure of the State Department, its creation will the Secretary of state, Secretary of defense, and the heads of the many related Federal agencies.

In the list of functions of the centre will include the monitoring and assessment of foreign informational materials that pose a threat to U.S. national security and its allies and partners. If necessary, the center should support distribution of “factual” material.

In addition, the duties of the experts of the center includes the “identification of current and emerging trends in foreign propaganda with the aim of coordinating and shaping the response tactics, techniques and procedures” by which false reports will be refuted.