Obama has limited military cooperation with Russia in 2017

As follows from the document published on the website of the U.S. Congress allocated to the Department of defense funds in 2017 can not be used by the Pentagon for bilateral military cooperation with Russia. In the military budget indicates that the decision may be changed by decision of the Minister of defence, Secretary of state, which will be forwarded to the appropriate congressional committees.

A condition for the lifting of restrictions named Russia’s stopping the “occupation of Ukrainian territory and actions that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and members of NATO.

The document also calls on Russia to respect the Minsk agreements, stipulating a ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine.

The budget specifies that the restrictions do not apply to agreements concluded by the US government on issues like arms control, military security operations in Afghanistan.

Also, restrictions do not apply to military bases of Russia on the Crimean Peninsula, the presence of which is stipulated by the 1997 agreement on the terms of placing the black sea fleet on the territory of Ukraine. However, it is emphasized that no Pentagon funds cannot be used for purposes that somehow will mean recognizing Russian sovereignty over Crimea. The ban may be lifted, if the defense can convince Congress that this is done in the national interest of the United States.

Previously the military budget was passed by the house of representatives Friday, December 2, 375 votes to 34.