Reuters found out about the hacking insurance Corporation USA deposits

Computer network Federal Corporation on insurance of deposits of the USA (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FDIC) was hacked in 2010 and for several years remained available to them, writes Reuters. Senior officials of the FDIC believe that the hacking of the network, including penetration into the computer of the head of the Corporation was carried out by Chinese hackers, which was supervised by the Ministry of defence of the country.

FDIC is one of three Federal agencies that regulate commercial banks in the United States. He has confidential plans for bankruptcy cases, as well as data on the deposits of millions of Americans.

The existence of “holes” and the hacker attack became known in 2010, but it has not been eliminated in the course of the year. It is possible that in 2012, the hackers still have access to FDIC sensitive information, says the Agency, citing a monitoring report of cyber security Department in 2013.

Reuters refers to the correspondence of the officers of the FDIC with the FBI in which they mentioned that the hacking involved hackers of the Chinese Ministry of defense, although the reasons for such findings has not been submitted. The Agency was unable to read the correspondence, however, sources said that the FBI began investigating the incident. According to one of interlocutors of Agency, the investigation is not finished and is still ongoing.

In 2016, the FDIC informed the Congress that during the 2015-2016 years, there have been at least seven associated with cybersecurity incidents, which it described as “significant”. In all, only during the 2015 fiscal year, there were 159 cases of unauthorized access to the computers of the Agency, said in a Reuters obtained a copy of the report.

In a message to Congress, the Corporation undertook to increase the level of computer security and to take appropriate action.

The FBI refused to comment on the investigation.

In June 2015, the American authorities announced that as a result of hacking the database of planning and administrative control of the US administration could allow an attacker to access personal information of employees of the us security agencies, particularly the CIA and the Pentagon. The total number of threatened personal business is estimated at 14 million, while suspicion fell also on hackers from China.

The first attack occurred in late 2013, it was disclosed in mid-2014. The second burglary happened in December of the same year. American authorities feared that these data can be used for blackmail as Federal officials dealing with national security information are required to report on their foreign contacts depending on job and seniority. All these data were stored in a planning and administrative management.

According to experts, Beijing can use this information against the citizens of China, cooperating with us intelligence agencies.