Russia estimated the volume of illegal deliveries of the Belarus meat from Ukraine

Illegal exports of beef to Russia from the Ukraine through the territory of Belarus reached the sum of at least $100 million, said the head of Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert.

According to him, the service has identified the channel of illegal supplies of beef through Belarus is the Belarusian company “George and sons.” “We found a channel of illegal supplies of beef. This could participate a few companies, while it is clear that this “George and sons”, — said Dankvert.

In 2016, the company has delivered not less than 10.5 thousand tons of meat, said the head of Department. “Due to the illegal shipments they [the”George and sons”] could earn up to $100 million,” he said.

The Minister added that “two more companies are on the suspect” in the re-export of Ukrainian beef. “We understand we are doing this”, — said Dankvert.

Rosselkhoznadzor has imposed a ban on meat supplies from the company “George and sons” and will impose a ban on import of products from other companies if they are found guilty of involvement in the importation of products from Ukraine, said the head of Department.

This year, he said, Belarus has increased the supplies of beef to Russia by 20%. As of 20 December was imposed 162 thousand tons of beef a year earlier on the same date — about 130 thousand tons of “could Not understand — where is the increase in supply. Should then fall off the supply of milk, but they also increased”, — said Dankvert. But on the border the Rosselkhoznadzor specialists detect the machine with the meat, which cut the stigma, he added.

“It is not necessary to put us in Russia sanctions products. The import of this meat is the result of false certification, which is conducted by several veterinarians [Belarus]. Without the participation of the authorities it could not happen”, — said Dankvert.

In early December, in an interview with Dankvert have complained of illegal food supplies through Belarus, including meat from Ukraine. “They (Belarus. — ) every year, a growing number of businesses that they certify on shipments to Russia. This is good, we congratulate them. But often it is small Cooperative that we carry Ukrainian beef with cut scenes. We do not need. You are “small fry” leave for their market. And we need those who are responsible for the supply of products more seriously. We are inside the Customs Union are trying this system to apply”, — said he.

The day before, on 23 December, the Rosselkhoznadzor reported that on the same day, introduced temporary restrictions on import of products of the enterprise “George and sons.” The measure was introduced “for the specialists of Rosselkhoznadzor jointly with the authorized bodies in the field of veterinary surveillance of the Republic of Belarus of checks of activity of this enterprise”, explained the Agency. The refusal of the Belarusian side in the vicinity of the enterprise “only confirms the suspicions of the Rosselkhoznadzor fraud Ukrainian measures,” which “was issued for Belarusian origin”, which emphasized service.