Sberbank has postponed the unification of the customer services in different regions

Sberbank, many years of promises to the customers-natural persons the possibility to conduct any transactions on the accounts in the offices without geographical reference, changed delivery date, in fact, abandoning the realization of this idea in its original format was told by several sources in the Bank. “Currently, there are a number of restrictions on transactions in branches, it is connected with safety. When all employees have access to all information, risk of fraud increase,” — said one of the interlocutors . Another source confirmed this, adding that the Bank decided to focus on reliability and manufacturability. In this regard, Sberbank has focused on increasing the capabilities of the system “Sberbank Online”, where the human factor is minimized.

The Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Vadim Kulik said that at present, technically the basis of the regional banks combined, however, our internal divisions have limitations on the use of data bases. “This is due to our concern for the clients and their safety,” he says. While the Bank continues to look for the possibility of removing these restrictions in one of the integration projects, all details of which are not yet available. “We are currently working on the implementation of the project of the Single front system (EFS), where such restrictions will not. We hope that it will work in 2017-2018,” — said Kulik.

As explained by a member of the Board of Directors of Diasoft Alexander Gentsis, ESF allows the use of a single mechanism of management services to provide and offer services at the same time under the same standards and scenarios. For example, according to uniform rules, take products to market and also online to respond to changes in the situation. “This is a modern system that provides more service with more and more security,” he added.

Different banks

Sberbank has an extensive network of regional banks: their 14. Thus in contrast to the majority banks, the savings Bank does not always have the opportunity to carry out transactions on clients ‘ accounts in their offices regardless of their geographic location. For example, a customer who has opened an account in the St. Petersburg office of the Bank, has limitations when conducting operations from offices in Moscow, as well as in most other regions. For many years the savings Bank has explained that the fragmented federated database.

Even after the start of the Association of local banks some services of Sberbank remained inaccessible. As explained in the call center of a credit institution, due to the fact that some regional banks may not see accounts of other regional banks. For example, if you forgot the PIN code from the card, you receive funds in another region on the passport and the card can take three days, and re-issue — at least a week.

In addition, there are limitations and for payment of utility bills. At the same time for a number of services in different territorial banks introduced Commission. In particular, when you receive funds in another territorial Bank for a debit card Momentum/Maestro/Visa Electron will have to pay 1.25% for cash withdrawals with them — a Commission of 0.75% of the amount.

Historical question

Sberbank for five years, from 2011 to September 2015, said regional banks on a single IT platform. The Bank revealed that the program’s budget is more than $1 billion (as of September 2013). The head of Sberbank German Gref in the beginning of 2016, stated that it was the largest and fastest project of centralization of IT infrastructure in the world. However, he admitted, “as soon as we built our super data center, all finished, we came to the conclusion that we are absolutely uncompetitive.”

However, in some areas, the savings Bank has made some progress. For example, several years ago he introduced the project of “Green streets”, which gave the opportunity to make deposits regardless of the points of opening of the latter. However, until now this offer is valid only for a limited number of regions (three regional Bank — Moscow, Central Russian, North, thus covering the 15 regions). While in the 11 other regional banks, covering the rest of the country, the transaction data is impossible. In addition, as noted in the materials Bank, “transactions on deposits performed in the framework of the service “Green street” is not at the place of opening of the Deposit, the Bank may set the daily limit”. A source in Sberbank said that the Bank plans to expand the project “Green street” to make it through, but the timing of implementation of this proposal yet.

Difficult and expensive

Actions of the savings Bank is quite logical, although this solution took a lot of time and funds disbursed. “The risk of collusion tellers or fraudulent documents to minimize can be more complicated than the risks to fraud when working customers via remote channels,” said the source close to the Bank. He also reminded that currently, the clients of Sberbank can be transferred through mobile banking a day to 500 thousand rubles (this level increased a number of times as updates of “Sberbank Online”). For comparison, using ATMs with my debit Visa Classic can be translated only up to 201 thousand rubles a day.

The reason for the decision to postpone the Association of the network of Sberbank can be not only risks, but also the high cost of such surgery, experts say. As the Director of methodology and standardization of Positive Technologies Dmitry Kuznetsov, modernization of the automated banking system (ABS) is a huge costs and risks. The representative of software developer national center of Informatization (NCI) indicates that the Bank is a sophisticated territorially distributed structure with a large number of information systems, including legacy inherited software modules. “Translate all the systems to work with a single source of data is technically possible, but extremely difficult, given the presence of modules created decades ago, which might have even no specialists. The feasibility of this approach is obvious when we are talking about advanced information systems, such as mobile banking,” he said. The unification of the whole complex of systems for unified data sources though and really makes the work much easier, but obviously is not vital for the Bank’s decision. It is difficult and quite expensive, says a representative of ntsi.

However, several of the interviewed representatives of the major banks say that their organizations there are no restrictions in servicing clients in different regions. Thus, according to the head of credit products Raiffeisenbank Andrey Morozov, many banks also encourage customers to move to other service channels. This enables credit institutions to reduce fraud and the cost of servicing offices. However, the possibility of earning a meaningful question, he adds. “I doubt that the top ten banks can limit access to products in individual regions due to the inability to control the level of internal fraud. Presence with a limited product range in individual regions can significantly affect the profitability of the region”, — said Morozov.

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