The FIU said the timing of lump sum payments to retirees in five thousand roubles

Moscow. 20 Dec. Statutory deadlines for the transfer of lump-sum payments to retirees in 5 thousand roubles will not be disturbed, said the Pension Fund of Russia.

“The payment will be made in full in a timely manner, which repeatedly voiced from 13 to 28 January 2017, without any delays”, – is spoken in the message of the press service of the FIU, received by “Interfax” on Tuesday.

The press service explained that, however, depending on when a retiree the date of delivery of pension, lump sum payment can be paid in the second half of January.

To whom the postman comes twice

“Postmen will deliver a lump sum along with a pension in January to the recipients in which the date of delivery of pension to the house from the 13th until the day of the end of the payment period. Pensioners receiving pension on schedule 3 through 12 of the month, payment in 5 thousand roubles will be made from 13 to 28 January 2017 with delivery to the house”, – stated in the message.

“Interfax” the press service added that in this way the pensioners the pension is calculated at the beginning of the month, the postman would come twice – first with a pension, and then with a one-time payment.

Earlier Tuesday, the head of the Pension Fund of Russia Anton Drozdov said that lump-sum payment in the amount of 5 thousand rubles, together with a pension in January will not all Russian pensioners, some payment will come later retirement and separately.

“Colleagues, people need to explain. We will have citizens who will not get together with a pension of 5 thousand rubles, who receives a pension in the first ten days. Such a mechanism, we asked for it to be together with the pension, but, unfortunately, due to lack of funds Treasury us only on the first working day will give the necessary funds. It is necessary to conduct explanatory work”, – said Drozdov at the enlarged meeting of the Board of the FIU in Moscow.

In this regard, the head of the FIU addressed to colleagues with the request to inform the leadership of “Mail of Russia”, which delivers pensions to ensure that recipients knew that the payoff may come later.

“And collaborate, please, “Mail of Russia” to the mail knew all of these mechanisms to know why; to email had all the necessary ads, posters and so on. I have a request to work with people, to avoid tension,” – said Drozdov.

Meanwhile, Drozdov stressed that in any case, 5 thousand. have to all pensioners without exception until 28 January 2017. “Before January 28, you must complete the payment of funds”, – said the head of the FIU.

Instead of indexing

A lump sum payment of 5 thousand roubles will replace the indexation of pensions, earlier planned for the second half of 2016. Earlier it was reported that 5 thousand will receive all Russian pensioners, including war.

Payment will be held in January. As previously reported, delivery of payment to do in usual “Mail of Russia”. Originally it was planned that the payment of pensioners will receive along with the January pension.