The foreign Ministry accused the U.S. of “complete loss of sense of reality” because of the sanctions

“The bloody attacks in Ankara and Berlin”, “would seem to rally sensible people to counter the terrorist threat,” and in this regard, the adoption of new US sanctions against Russia say “about complete loss in Washington, the sense of reality”, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

“However, — said the Russian foreign Ministry, in recent years, leaving the Obama administration so enthusiastically searched for ways to try to harm us, that from it we did not expect. At the same time this administration is hurting our own country, whose image as a result of such reckless line falls in the eyes of even those who are far from politics.”

The foreign Ministry stressed that Crimea by the Russian companies, agricultural, energy and military-industrial complexes that interact with Syrian partners Tempbank and other structures, “which is against the outgoing American administration, will continue to operate normally”. “But she [the administration of President Barack Obama. —] once again appears in an unfavorable light, leaves a bad memory,” — said the Russian office.

On the eve of the sanctions list of the USA was added nine managers of Tempbank, which became involved in the restrictive American list in may 2014. The U.S. justice Department said that Tempbank has provided assistance to the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, translating through a financial transaction system for “millions of dollars”, and also cooperated with the Syrian state Sytrol, also located in the US sanctions list.

Later, President Barack Obama signed the military budget, which limits the Pentagon’s cooperation with Russia in 2017. In the military budget indicates that the decision may be changed by decision of the Minister of defence, Secretary of state, which will be forwarded to the appropriate congressional committees. A condition for the lifting of restrictions named Russia’s stopping the “occupation of Ukrainian territory and actions that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and members of NATO.” The document also calls on Russia to respect the Minsk agreements.

Previously, the extension of sanctions against Tempbank commented Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. He called him “unworthy revenge.”